7 Trends for 2024 From Garden Media Group, and How Growers Can Pounce on Them

The Garden Media Group’s 2024 Garden Trends Report presents seven upcoming trends positioned to influence consumer actions in the coming year. The overarching theme connecting these trends, Eco-Optimism, underscores the green industry’s potential to alleviate eco-anxiety among the 1.2 billion young people striving to contribute positively to the climate. By illustrating the benefits of planting natives, minimizing traditional lawns, and growing food, the industry is poised to be a positive beacon and foster loyal enthusiasts.

The 2024 Garden Trends Report offers a new navigation system centered around seven distinct personas: Digital, Bold, Enchanting, Eclectic, Elevated, Hopeful, and Punchy. Users select the persona that resonates with them, guiding them directly to the corresponding trend. At any point, individuals can navigate back to the start or explore other trends effortlessly.

“We wanted to create a dynamic experience with this report, where individuals can engage with the trends that align with their personal style,” says Katie Dubow, president of Garden Media Group. “By offering seven personas, we’re empowering readers to navigate directly to the trends that resonate with them, making the report a personalized journey of inspiration and discovery.”

For 23 years, Garden Media Group has been predicting and reporting the trends for the green industry (you can find past trends, and how accurate they were, by clicking here). The firm takes a year to compile each report. The team interviews industry leaders, growers, landscapers, retailers, and media. They look outside of the industry to fashion, home, technology, and food industries to see what is trending in North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond. Read Garden Media’s GROW! blog for trend updates and industry news.

“Social media platforms make it easier for younger generations to learn how to make a difference in their own community,” Dubow says. “As a green industry, we need to do more to foster those young minds and help them to find their place with us.”

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Speaking of doing more, you may think that if you’re part of the horticulture supply chain that doesn’t have a direct connection with the end consumer, there may not be much you can do to take advantage of these trends.

Think again. We reached out to Dubow and asked her to provide some insights on how anyone in the green industry can be a part of new trends. As you read through Garden Media Group’s seven trends for 2024 below, consider how you can put Dubow’s recommendations into action.

Trend 1: Zoom Out

Generation Z, or Zoomers, now have an estimated spending power of more than $300 billion — and growing each year. And with nearly three-fourths (73%) of Gen Zers willing to pay more and wait longer for sustainable products, you time and energy should be devoted to that. Are you using beneficials? What about reducing plastic? How is your greenhouse energy efficient? Let your customer know so they can pass this info onto the end user consumers.

Trend 2: Hortifuturism

Hortifuturism isn’t just for retailers or public gardens. Growers should think out of this world when naming plants, such as ‘Sterling Moon’ Lunar Lights Begonia from Southern Living Plant Collection.

Trend 3: Delight in the Dark

Dark foliage is hot, and if you aren’t growing options that feature these darker colors, then you could be really missing the mark.  And with 430k posts on social media, #Gothgarden(ing) #VictorianGardens, #Halloweengardens #Steampunk, and #Tombstonetourism, the trend will only grow.

Trend 4: Bugging Out

Interest in gardening for pollinators is at an all-time high, so growing more plants to support ecosystems will put you a step above the rest. But they don’t have to be native; just look at the new Easy Beezy from Star Roses and Plants.

Trend 5: Hanging in There

Growing draping varieties of plants that can be used in container gardening adds an extra dimension, allowing for more small space gardeners to indulge. It is estimated that by 2050, 89% of people will be living in urban areas so maximizing vertical space is what this trend is all about. Look at edibles like Midnight and Sapphire Cascade blueberries from Bushel and Berry which add new heights to your garden and allow for more places to plant.

Trend 6: Nature Calls

Are you planting and growing with saving the planet in mind? While Gen X, Y, and Z are hyper-focused on sustainability, they also want to stay eco-positive, offset carbon usage, and invest in planting native trees and grasses. Adjusting the way you water, plant, and grow can make a difference for the planet.

Trend 7: Color of the Year

Start growing bright! Punchy, bright Cyber Lime can be found in so many varieties and types of plants, you almost don’t have an excuse not to plant something in the palette. Just look at flowers such as Bloomables ‘Wedding Gown’ Hydrangea, foliage such as ‘Lemon-Lime’ Nandina from Sunset Plant Collection, and ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum from Southern Living Plant Collection, and houseplants with ‘Chameleon’ ZZ, ‘Painted Lady’ Philodendron, ‘Lemon Meringue’ Pothos and ‘Golden Violin’ Philodendron from Costa Farms, for some examples of growers knocking this trend out of the park.

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