7 Flowers That Bloom All Year

Though many may be used to a seasonality when it comes to their plants, there are some flowers that bloom all year. And once you know which ones perform this remarkable feat, you may decide that you want all of them in your house. After all, it’s all too common to feel a touch of sadness at the wilting of once lively and colorful stems.

Luckily, this won’t happen with the following plants. Thanks to their resistance to low temperatures, these beauties can thrive all 12 months of the year (so long as you don’t live in a place with extreme weather conditions). Better yet, many of them are relatively low maintenance and no more difficult to tend to than any other flower. Here, AD surveys seven flowers that bloom all year—sure to look stunning in your home, garden, or wherever you may choose to display them.


Begonias can add a two-tone touch to a home or garden.

Photo: Blanchi Costela/Getty Images

Begonias’ charm lasts all year long—that is, as long as you provide it with some basic care. These flowers like spots with lots of indirect light, and you should water it at least three times a week during the summer and once every 10 days during the winter. An extra tip to help your begonias thrive in every season: Place a plate with some water underneath its pots and the plants will absorb the humidity from the air.


Lavender is not only beautiful, it also adds a calming smell to the home.

Photo: Svetlana Iakusheva

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