7 Best Chastity Cages of 2024 for Delayed Gratification

When you think of sex toys, you probably have ones in mind that ramp up stimulation on your pleasure points when you’re going at it. But the best chastity cages operate a little differently. For the uninitiated, they’re basically a device you can place on the tip of your penis to prevent access or delay satisfaction. Similar in concept to chastity belts, they’re designed to keep your member locked up until your partner releases it from its lair. Why on earth would you want to do that?, you may be wondering.

The Best Chastity Cages, at a Glance

Here are the chastity cages that deserve a place in your sex toy drawer.

Well, for people who enjoy a little power play, there’s a lot of kinky fun to be had with controlling when your partner gets to, ahem, get off, and in edging them all the way to fruition. There are other practical advantages of delaying gratification, too, which we’ve heard from a handful of sex experts below who’ve also weighed in about how to shop for one and which ones are worth buying. Now that you’ve got some basic info under your belt (so to speak), let’s talk about some of the best chastity cages out there.


The Best Chastity Cage, Overall: KINK3D Cobra

This 3-D printed plastic toy comes in over 20 different sizes for both the cage and the ring at the base. With over 480 permutations to choose from, you’ll almost certainly find a Cobra that’s a fit for your, uh, cobra. James T. Medak, a fetish erotica author, and Chastity April, a porn performer with a focus on chastity play, both cited the Cobra as their favorite for how comfortable it wears for extended periods of time. It’s on the pricier side, but Medak vouches that it’s “worth every penny” for the snug, customizable fit.

The Best Metal Chastity Cage: Master Series Midas

Master Series

Midas 18K Gold-Plated Locking Chastity Cage

Everything King Midas touched would turn to gold, but incidentally, the intent of this specific gold Midas is to prevent you from touching yourself. Dominatrix Countess Diamond recommends metal cages like this one for intermediate chastity fans, because of how the heaviness feels compared to plastic or silicone. Plus, the high-quality gold-plated exterior will make you feel like a king, which could be worth the price tag alone.

The Best Adjustable Chastity Cage: CB-X CB-6000

Fetish porn performer Sydney Screams highly recommends this adjustable toy from CB-X for both BDSM newbies and pros: “I think the CB-X chastity cages are a great start, since they’re comfortable, easy to clean, and available in a variety of colors and sizes.” The CB-6000 also includes five sizes of U-rings and spacers to help you tailor the fit. Assembly is a little trickier than some of the other options on this list, but once you’re set, you can expect to have this toy locked-down for good.

The Best Chastity Cage for Beginners: Holy Trainer V5

Medak loves that this cage “provides the most comfort with the least amount of pinching,” setting it apart comfort-wise from the approximately 30 other cages in his collection. Perhaps even more importantly, though, the Holy Trainer is amazingly affordable, so it’s a great choice for beginners who want to dip their toe into the world of chastity. It’s made of resin, which feels like hard plastic, and comes in a few different color options.

The Best Open-Design Cage: Dominix Deluxe


Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage

Since this type of cage leaves so much of your penis exposed, it’s a great choice if you want to masturbate with your cage on, or want to receive a handjob or even a blowjob from a partner while it’s on. It can also be easier to clean than other styles of cages because of how much dick access it grants.

The Best App-Controlled Chastity Cage: Cellmate

Sage Monroe, a phone sex operator and online dominatrix, recommends this innovative cage that can be connected wirelessly to an accompanying app that you can use to cede control to a long-distance partner. There’s also a “single-player self-locking mode” for those exploring chastity on their own. A word of warning: In 2020 and 2021, hackers were able to take control of some Cellmates and demanded a ransom to unlock the devices, though its parent company Qiui claims to have fixed the issues that allowed this to happen. If you’re worried about the cyber implications of an app-powered sex toy, though, it’s always worthwhile beefing up your passwords (or just vying for any of the analog toys on this list).

The Best Chastity Cage for Pain Play: Stockroom Penis Prison with Pinprick Lining


Penis Prison with Pinprick Lining

The Penis Prison, per the name, is not for the faint of heart. Instead, it’s a niche pick for CBT (meaning “cock and ball torture”) fans that enjoy the sensation of pain during sex. Tiny pinpricks on the inside of the cage make for an achingly arousing time. Just make sure to be extra vigilant about hygiene when you’re using this type of cage.

What to Know When Shopping For Chastity Cages

What are chastity cages good for?

One of the biggest reasons people invest in chastity cages is for some good old-fashioned BDSM power play. It’s common for people to use them with a partner, or “keyholder,” who decides when the cage comes on or off (hopefully in a consensually and well-negotiated way). “The anticipation, the build-up, the desperation, and most importantly, the total loss of control—these elements are what make chastity so exhilarating, and as a keyholder, I get to witness my partner unravel in my hands,” says Chastity April. Some sex workers even offer their services as professional keyholders, which can be a great option if you find one you trust.

Taking your dick off the table (figuratively at least) means you can focus on pleasing your partner, but don’t think that having your dick locked up means you need to deprive yourself of any fun at all. It can feel good to hold a strong vibrator against a chastity cage, for instance, and being in a state of delayed gratification is also an opportunity to explore alternate forms of pleasure, such as prostate stimulation.

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