50 Cool Things That Are Selling Out On Amazon Because They're So Freaking Clever

When it comes to shopping for things you didn’t know you needed but then can’t live without, Amazon is the ultimate go-to. After all, where else can you find unexpectedly cool, practical things like some motion sensor LED lights for stairs, a silicone utensil holder shaped like a crab, and a skincare derma roller all in the same location and with two-day (or less) shipping?

Scroll on for a roundup of the coolest, most clever, and useful things that Amazon has to offer, including the aforementioned items that keep flying off the virtual shelves. These wildly popular items come backed by thousands — sometimes tens of thousands — of glowing reviews, so you know you’re getting something good.


This Exfoliator That Can Prevent Razor Burn

Whether you use this exfoliating brush after waxing or as general maintenance to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs, it can help your bikini line, legs, and armpits look a lot less irritated. Use the silicone brush to gently massage those areas for smoother skin. One shopper noted, “I can not say enough positive things about this exfoliator brush!! I have had it since May 25 2020 and it has completely changed my shaving experience.”


These Car Seat Gap Organizers For Never Losing Your Phone, Sunglasses, Or Keys

Not only will this set of two car seat gap organizers keep your phone, keys, sunglasses, chapsticks, and more all in one location within arm’s reach of your front seat, it’ll help prevent things from falling in the gap. The faux leather organizers come in four color options to match your interior, and they’re designed to fit gaps measuring 0.5 inch to 2 inches.


This Bed Tray For Peak Coziness

Surprise someone you love with breakfast in bed using this attractive bed tray. It’s also a great solution for days when you want to watch movies in bed from your laptop. Made of 100% natural bamboo, this tray table is durable with two foldable legs for easy storage.


This Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner For Several Brush Sizes

This electric makeup brush cleaner is a much more efficient solution than washing brushes by hand. This portable cleaner comes with rubber collars for eight different brush sizes. To use, simply choose the correct rubber collar for your brush, fill the bowl with water and soap, and press the button. There’s even a dry function.


These Silicone Scalp Massagers That Shoppers Call “Game-Changing”

Sure, this silicone scalp massager feels good when it’s used on your head, but it also does a lot more good than you might think. It can increase blood flow and help promote hair growth, and it can remove dead skin cells and dandruff. Use the massager on wet or dry hair.

“Game Changer!!!” raved one shopper, adding, “Where have you been all my life?!! I Love this! Makes such a difference! Probably do not need to use nearly as much shampoo (mine isn’t cheap) & you definitely get a sense that you’re getting a much better ‘cleaning’ effect on your scalp & hair!!”


This 12-Pack of Refrigerator Magnet Clips With A Free Notebook

Perfect for displaying your kids’ artwork on the fridge (or hanging calendar reminders for you), this 12-pack of magnetic clips is strong enough to hold multiple papers and can stick to any metal surface like a refrigerator or dry erase board. As a bonus, the clips come with a free magnetic notebook for shopping lists, notes, and more.


This Organizer For Grocery Bags

Instead of throwing away the single-use plastic bags you get from stores (including produce bags), you can shove them in this wall-mountable bag holder to reuse. The durable holder has two wide openings so you can quickly grab a bag. Mounting hardware is included, though some shoppers recommended adding double-sided tape for a quick-stick solution.


This Dish Drying Rack That Rolls Up For Easy Storage

This roll-up dish drying rack a great way to air dry your dishes without taking up counter space. Made of stainless steel, the rack comes in four colors and six sizes to fit most kitchen sinks. When you’re done using it, you can roll it up and place it under your sink for storage. Not surprisingly, this handy accessory has amassed more than 31,000 positive ratings to date.


These Best-Selling Car Hooks So Your Bags Don’t Spill Ever Again

Instead of throwing your purse or bag in the car all willy nilly, try these car seat headrest hooks. The best-selling pack of four hooks has over 38,000 five-star ratings — and for good reason. They effortlessly hook onto headrests and are durable enough to hold heavy bags (up to 55 pounds).


These Wireless LED Stair Lights With Near-Perfect Reviews

There are two ways to mount these wireless LED stair lights: either with screws or heavy-duty adhesive tape, which are both included. A motion sensor automatically turns the lights on in darkness and then off again after 30 seconds of no motion. Motion can be detected up to 10 feet away, making for a smart solution for all nighttime navigation.


These Eco-Friendly Makeup Removal Cloths That Will Save You So Much Money

Do something good for the environment and give up your single-use makeup remover wipes in favor of this 10-pack of reusable makeup cleaning cloths. Pretty astonishingly, these extra-soft cloths remove makeup without any additional makeup remover; just add water. Then you can throw them in the washing machine, and they’re ready to be used again (hundreds of times, in fact). Choose from gray or pink cloths.


These Furniture Risers That’ll Give Your Bed A Lift

Perfect for beds or couches that could stand to be a bit taller to make room for storage space underneath the furniture piece, these furniture risers elevate up to 2 inches and can hold up to 10,000 pounds. The stackable risers have a fully padded bottom and an anti-skid grip to protect your floors and prevent your furniture from sliding. The risers come in packs of four, six, and eight in three color options.


This Wireless Phone Charger With Over 128,000 Five-Star Ratings

No need to plug in your phone to charge — instead, simply place it on this wildly popular wireless phone charger. A green light appears when your phone is first placed on the charger so you know it’s working, but it turns off after a few seconds to make it sleep-friendly. The charger is available in six colors and is compatible with a range of phones and tablets.


This Bidet Attachment That Upgrades Your Loo Experience

This eco-friendly bidet attachment turns any regular ol’ toilet into a fancy water spraying bidet, and best of all, you can get it for an incredibly reasonable price. An easy access dial lets you control the pressure and nozzle adjustment to tailor it to your needs. Installation is quick, and no electrical hook-up or additional plumbing is needed.


This Air-Tight Deli Meat Storage Container

With this air-tight food storage container, you’ll finally have a place to keep your deli meats and cheese. There are a few different sizes to choose from, all with a compatible lid. The container is dishwasher safe, and you can use a dry erase marker on the lid to indicate the use-by date or the type of cheese or meat that’s inside. One fan raved, “The container is great. It is very easy to open. It is very easy to clean. It is very roomy. My bacon stays fresher in the container much longer than it did when I stored it in a plastic zip-lock bag.”


This Anti-Fatigue Mat For A More Comfortable Place To Stand

This anti-fatigue kitchen mat will make standing in the kitchen for long periods of time easier on your body. The non-skid mat is great to place on any type of hard floor, in any room where you do a lot of standing, as it helps alleviate pressure and provides support for your feet and joints. Choose from three sizes and three neutral colors — all in a stain-resistant, waterproof foam material.


This Novel Yet Efficient Crab-Shaped Utensil Holder

Instead of placing your cooking utensil on the kitchen counter, let this adorable silicone crab utensil rest keep it on hand until you’re ready to use it. The little crab is heat-resistant and dishwasher safe. If crabs aren’t your thing, you can also choose a Viking.


These Rug Grippers To Flatten All Four Corners

Rugs often curl at the corners, but you can fix that annoying (and unsafe) problem with these rug corner grippers. Available in a four-pack or eight-pack, these highly rated rug grippers have an adhesive that sticks to the rug and a removable sticky gel that sticks to any hard floor.


This Digital Meat Thermometer With A Cult Following

With more than 73,000 reviews (and counting!), this waterproof digital meat thermometer is a worthy addition to your kitchen arsenal. It is extremely accurate with an almost-instant read. It has a backlight LED screen, which is ideal for grilling in the evening, plus it has a magnet so you can keep it attached to your metal grill or fridge — and it comes with a battery.


These Bamboo Drawer Dividers With So Much Versatility

These stylish and functional bamboo drawer dividers can be used in kitchen drawers, junk drawers, dresser drawers, and drawers in the bathroom. Crafted from water-resistant bamboo, the durable dividers have a built-in spring that makes them adjustable, with the ability to expand from 17.5 inches to 22 inches. The rubber feet ensure scratch-free use.


This Cold Brew Maker For The Perfect Cup Of Coffee (Or Tea)

If icy, high-octane cold brew is your coffee of choice, you will love this cold brew maker that’s so simple to use. The highly rated kit comes with a durable glass carafe with an ultra-fine mesh filter to trap sediment; you just need to add your favorite coffee grounds or tea, some cold water, then chill and enjoy. There’s even a bonus funnel and scoop for a complete setup.


These Ultra-Strong Hair Ties That Are Great For Thick Hair

Not only do these no-damage hair ties come in great colors for a wide variety of hair colors, they’re also the perfect thickness for people with curly or dense hair. The brand even claims they can withstand 70 pounds of pressure — which is pretty impressive. Even during high-intensity activity, these hair ties promise to stay in place without leaving a noticeable crease.


This Pet Stain & Odor Remover With A Handy UV Flashlight

The beauty of this stain remover and odor eliminator is that the enzyme formula works great on carpet, hardwood floors, fabric, turf, and more. To take things a step further, the stain remover comes with a UV flashlight that helps you find any hidden stains. Fans love the fresh orange scent and effective ingredients.


This Fruit Infuser Water Bottle That Makes It Easy To Stay Hydrated

If you like a bit of flavor in your water, try this fruit infuser water bottle that fits in cup holders. The shatterproof bottle has a flip-top lid and a nonslip grip. To use it, fill the infuser with fresh fruit, vegetable, or herbs, then place it back into the bottle and give it a shake. For maximum flavor, let the fruit soak for two to three hours before drinking.


This Set Of Five Packing Cubes With Near-Perfect Ratings

Transform the way you pack and travel with this set of five packing cubes. The set comes with various-sized cubes, allowing you to efficiently organize your clothes, accessories, and toiletries so they’re easy to find when traveling. The nylon material is lightweight and durable —and the bags are offered in 10 different colors. With a 4.8-star rating after more than 20,000 reviews, these are Amazon best-sellers. One fan noted, “made me a BELIEVER in PACKING CUBES!”


This Power Scrubber That Attaches To A Drill

When it comes to scrubbing, it doesn’t get much more efficient than this four-pack of drill brush power scrubber attachments. The drill literally does the work for you. Three shapes of brushes and an “extended reach” arm attachment allow you to clean various surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.


This Clip-On Book Light For Cozy Nighttime Reading

This clip-on book light does exactly what you want it to do — it easily clips onto a book and shines a long-lasting light onto the pages so you can read without disturbing anyone at night. The included batteries last up to 25 hours, and the bendable neck allows you to find just the right lighting angle.


This Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder Set With An LED Light

This electric salt and pepper grinder set is certainly an impressive way to add spice to your food, but the low price makes it affordable and totally doable, too. You can adjust the coarseness of the grinder and then press the large button to start the grinding experience. The LED light allows for season even in low-light settings.


These Beverage Chilling Stones That Make The Perfect Gift

Whether you’re buying this set of nine beverage chilling stones for yourself or as a gift, they’ll chill drinks without watering them down. The reusable whiskey stones should be stored in the freezer and are ready to use after just a few hours. One shopper gushed, “The stone cubes are attractive as well as functional, they are nicely packaged with a small pair of ice tongs and a cloth storage bag. Highlyrecommended!”


This Fitted Mattress Topper With Over 82,000 Five-Star Ratings

Protect your mattress and add a layer of comfort with this quilted fitted mattress pad that’s earned more than 82,000 perfect ratings to date. It’s available in seven colors and sizes ranging from Twin to California King, including a size for an RV King. Fans love its “deep pockets,” “secure fit,” and “great quality.” Just note that the pad isn’t waterproof, so you’ll need an additional layer to fully protect it.


This Glass Pitcher With A Charming Retro-Looking Lid & Spout

Great for lemonade, iced tea, water, sangria, or other cold beverages, this glass pitcher can hold up to 2 liters. It features a durable handle, a spout for easy pouring, and a lid to keep your beverage fresh. It can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


This Microwave Popcorn Popper That’s So Easy To Use

This ultra-durable silicone microwave popcorn popper delivers perfectly crisp popcorn with every batch. It’s a better option than glass because it isn’t fragile and can more evenly distribute heat, making the popcorn less likely to burn. The collapsible bowl is available 14 colors and can be washed in the dishwasher for an easy clean.


This Smart Cup Warmer That Keeps Your Coffee Hot

Instead of reheating your coffee in a microwave several times per cup, simply place your mug on this smart coffee warmer. The 19-watt warmer automatically turns on when a mug is placed on top — whether it has coffee, cocoa, tea, water, or milk. Choose from five colors, including a pretty pink one.


These Light Bulbs That Work With Alexa Devices

Unlike regular (aka boring) light bulbs, you can control this four-pack of smart light bulbs using your voice with connected Alexa devices — whether it’s to turn them on or off, change the color, adjust the brightness or dim the light for the right ambiance. You can control these lights remotely through the Alexa app.


This Indoor UV Fly Trap For Multiple Types Of Insects

This indoor plug-in fly trap doesn’t contain chemical insecticides like the outdoor fly traps you’ve probably seen/smelled. Instead, a UV LED light naturally attracts flies, gnats, moths, and fruit flies where they’ll stick to a glue card. Since the trap is pesticide-free, it’s safe to use in a home with kids and pets.


This Belgian Waffle Maker That Works Like A Charm

This Belgian waffle maker evenly makes large waffles with deep pockets that can hold all the butter, syrup, and other essential toppings. It has a nonstick plate that releases the waffle without it getting stuck, and it works with many different types of batters. Plus, you can adjust the temperature for just the right amount of crispness.


This Herb Saver That Keeps Greens Fresh Up To 3 Weeks

Large enough for herbs, asparagus, and other greens, this herb keeper can keep vegetables fresh for two to three weeks, which is a heck of a lot longer than they normally last placed in the fridge. Its tall glass allows for airflow, which maximizes the longevity of herbs.


This Electric Wine Opener That Removes Corks In Seconds

When it comes to wine, every second that you’re not drinking it counts, which is why this electric wine opener, that can remove a cork in seconds, is an important addition to your cabinet. An ergonomic grip makes the battery powered opener easy to hold onto, and it’s designed to fit traditional wine bottles.


These Multipurpose Microfiber Yoga Towels

Whether you use these quick-dry microfiber towels over your yoga mat to prevent slipping or at the gym for quick wipe downs, they are designed to wick away water and moisture with the capability of holding seven times their own weight in liquid. Choose from three colors in either a two- or four-pack.


This Space-Saving Water Bottle Rack

Since water bottles are ridiculously cumbersome, this highly rated bottle storage rack will clear up some space while keeping your water bottles all in one place. The stackable design can hold six bottles, but you can also stack four, eight, 12, 16, or 24 bottles if you spring for other configurations within the listing.


These Wrist & Ankle Weights For Leveling Up Your Workouts

Add some resistance to your workouts and daily activities with this pair of adjustable weights. The set can be worn on the wrists or ankles in 1 and 2 pound offerings. The material is soft and comfortable to wear, and the monochromatic color options are aesthetically pleasing.


These Ice Cube Trays That Make Large Spheres & Cubes

With most cocktail ice cube trays, you get either sphere or cube shaped ice, but with this set of two ice cube trays, you get both, as well as lids. Even better, these trays come with six slots instead of the typical four. A bonus funnel is included so you can fill the trays with water without spilling.


This Bluetooth Shower Speaker With Excellent Sound

Perfect for the shower, hot tub, pool, camping trip, and more, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is fully submersible up to around 3 feet for 30 minutes at a time. A suction cup attaches to the shower wall, a kayak, boat, paddle board, and more. One shopper, who called the speaker an “Amazing little powerhouse!” went on to add, “The batterylife is also astonishing! I’ve used this a LOT since getting it a few months ago, usually set up in the kitchen while cleaning and cooking, in the shower, and I think I’ve charged it twice beyond the initial charge.”


This 10-Pack Of Eco-Friendly Swedish Dishcloths

Rather than buying and using so many paper towels, opt instead to switch to using this 10-pack of eco-friendly Swedish dishcloths. The dishcloths are safe for wiping down wood, stainless steel, marble, and tile surfaces, and they’re great for drying dishes. They’re available in 10 colors and can be thrown in the the washing machine for up to 100 reuses each.


This Bamboo Sofa Arm Tray With A Slot For Your Phone

This sofa arm tray table will hold a beverage and a bowl of snacks, plus it has a slot that’ll hold your phone upright. Made of all-natural bamboo with an anti-skid topper, the tray table isn’t an eye sore, and it can fit over any sofa arm. Choose from 10 finishes.


This Organizer For Foil, Plastic Wrap, Sandwich Bags, & More

Instead of just throwing them in a drawer and hoping for the best, give your storage bags, foil, and plastic wrap boxes a dedicated space with this adjustable box organizer. The shelves can be configured to fit any size box to help maximize space in cabinets. Choose from three sizes and an option that’s a dedicated wrap stand.


This Griddle Ring Set For The Perfect Omelets & Pancakes

Make restaurant-style pancakes and eggs (aka perfectly shaped ones) using this four-piece griddle ring set. The six-inch ring is the right size for pancakes, while the two included 4-inch rings make eggs that fit perfectly on English muffins. The 8-inch ring is designed for all your omelet creations. Shoppers report that the nonstick rings are easy to use and clean.


This Derma Roller For A Spa Day At Home

Give your skin the spa day it deserves with this derma roller that’s designed to give your complexion a smooth glow and deliver overall facial rejuvenation. This roller can also be used on the scalp and beard area to stimulate hair growth. One shopper noted, “I am truly amazed at the difference this little device immediately made in my skin.”


This Broom Holder Set That Holds So Much

Organize your garage and garden shed by hanging your mops, brooms, stick vacuums, baseball bats, and more on this garden tool organizer set. You get two racks that each have five slots and six hooks that can hold up to 35 pounds. The device can be mounted to a wall to keep everything off the floor and out of the way, which is a beautiful thing.


These Aesthetically Pleasing Insulated Grocery Bags

Whether you use this two-pack of insulated reusable grocery bags for groceries or to keep food and beverages cool on a picnic, you’ll love all the space they provide. The handles are durable and sturdy enough to support 45 pounds each. The bags are collapsible, making them easy to store when they aren’t being used.

If you just can’t get enough of Amazon’s most clever and useful items, check out even more here.

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