5 month old Harrier SUV gets stolen from home in minutes: Customer question’s IRA app’s security [Video]

Vehicle theft is a major issue not just in India but around the world. Most cars are equipped with advanced features and come with connected car technology to track their location and control other functions. Just as cars have advanced, thieves have also become more sophisticated, devising tricks to bypass these systems. Here, we have a video where a customer has shared his experience in which his Tata Harrier SUV was stolen from outside his house. The SUV was stolen a month ago, and the customer claims that Tata is not helping him track down his car.

The incident was shared by Akshit Gupta in a Facebook page that goes by the name: Tata Harrier owners’ club. The owner writes,

It’s been a month since my Tata Harrier XZA+ was stolen from my own home, and to date, Tata has not provided any assistance or solution. I have been sending regular emails and tweets, and Tata claims their IRA system is the best for security, but their security has failed. Tata is suggesting it’s the customer’s fault. Choosing Tata Harrier was my worst decision. I spent about 27 lakhs, and Tata is not offering even a small amount of customer service! They only collect details and then keep quiet. Is this the safety Tata provides? This is a failure of TATA IRA CONNECT. I want a solution from Tata; I can’t bear this loss within six months. How can customers trust it when they charge for that feature as well? I think and hope Tata should care for their customers. Although I own the flagship Tata car (Harrier), it’s the top model!

It is clear from the post that the customer is extremely dissatisfied with the way the Tata dealership is handling this situation. The post fails to mention the exact location of this incident. In the video shared by the customer, we can see the thief approaching the SUV. He first walks to the front of the car and does something under the bonnet. Then he walks away when he notices some light on the road, perhaps from another passing vehicle. He returns and opens the driver’s side door.

The method he uses is unclear in the video. The car is parked outside the house, and there are other vehicles parked on the same street. After getting inside, the thief attempts to start the car, and the parking lamps begin to glow. It is unclear whether the siren went off when the hazard lamps were glowing. The lights remained on for some time, but no one noticed. After a few seconds, the thief drives the car away, never to be seen again.

Thief breaking into Harrier

The customer clearly blames the connected car system and the service center for not taking his issue seriously. It should be noted that modern-day thieves use devices to reprogram new keys for vehicles, ensuring that the immobilizer code matches and the vehicle remains unaware of any difference. We would recommend car owners not to rely solely on one system if they are concerned about their car’s security. There are several devices available in the market that can be used to protect your vehicle. You can always install a GPS system, which can help you track your vehicle’s location more effectively. Additionally, you can install locks for the steering wheel and gear lever to enhance your vehicle’s security.

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