5 Home Organization and Cleaning Tips for Hibernation Season

Von Hess notes, “Adding heavier texture in your home will automatically bring a sense of warmth into your rooms.” She likes to keep her heavy, fuzzy, real and faux-fur throws, pelts, or rugs stored until the winter months. “[You can] bring them back to life with a hairbrush,” she says.

Although she’s not a pumpkin spice or pine type of girl, Arringtons argues that a winter fragrance is essential. “Something clean and warm like atlas cedar or fig to evoke a cozy mindset,” she says. “Scent is such an important and neglected sense, and it can do so much to create the right energy in a home.” Balsam fir is also pine-like without being overwhelmingly holiday-focused.

Clear out the dirt and purge your pantry

Spring cleaning rituals have existed for decades (and maybe centuries), but Ashley Dixon, a decor, DIY, cleaning, and organization consultant and content creator based in Atlanta, believes that winter cleaning is even more important. “Cozy spaces with closed doors and windows keep in germs, viruses, and bacteria that can then live in your home for several months,” she explains. Yuck, much?

Von Hess points out that “dust and dirt accumulate and people tend to forget to clean the items they use most if you can’t physically put it in a washer and dryer.” Don’t forget about vacuuming your furniture, lampshades, and drapes, along with cleaning light switches, drawer handles, door knobs, and other high touch areas.

Fall is also a great time to purge your pantry, wipe everything down and restock. “Clean out those old and expired soup cans and boxes of packaged food,” Ostrander says. “Make a list of your favorite cozy-weather meals and stock up while the weather is nice.”

Don’t forget your outdoor areas

While the weather is still nice out, you’ll want to prioritize outdoor spaces like the backyard, balcony, patio, and garage. “If you’re really ambitious or short on space, you can build an insulated storage cabinet for paints and glues,” Ostrander says while pointing out some things we store in our garages need to be protected from extreme cold temps, like paint which needs to be kept between 60 and 80 degrees.

Dixon recommends you look out for your future self early while shopping and caring for your outdoor furniture. “Investing in furniture that can withstand the conditions is helpful, but regardless, spring cleaning is much easier when you have covered your furniture through harsh winter weather,” she adds. Ostrander recommends brands like Outer and notes that pieces made from poly resin (which you can find from Ledge Lounger) or poly wood seem to last longer.

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