43 Prime Day Kitchen Deals to Shop Right This Second in 2023

You might not be Carmy from The Bear, but that hasn’t stopped you from going full method-acting in the kitchen. The best Amazon Prime Day kitchen deals (which is what we’ll continue to call it instead of the far-worse-sounding “Prime Big Deal Days”) are here to offer you a little help that’s just shy of having a hunky chef soothingly tell you to “try it again, chef.” If it’s high time you replaced that crummy, blackened pot of yours with a fresh new cast-iron looker, started making your own fizzy water instead of shelling out for fancy seltzers, or finally caved on the air fryer hype, it’s now or never.

Er, well you do have until tomorrow to add your haul to cart, but if you know Prime Day, you’re already familiar with the fact that deals are flying in and out at all hours of the 48-hour shopping bonanza (so if you see something you love, you’d better take advantage of it before that sweet discount winds down). We dug through the flaming dumpster fire that is the kitchen sale section to find the deals that are actually cooking. Without further ado, go forth and peruse the best Prime Day kitchen deals right here. And if you don’t already have a Prime account, sign the hell up to get that primo two-day shipping.

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