43 Gifts for Gardeners and Plant Lovers Alike

Whether your giftee is the proud owner of a Sienna Miller–esque English garden or always tending to a robust collection of indoor plants, there are great gifts for gardeners that support any botanical hobbies or blooming horticultural passions. Of course, if they’re particularly avid plant people, they likely have all the nuts and bolts they need to get the job done, which makes the green-thumbed an especially fun group to shop for. You get to find upgrades of their standard tools, opt for something that will level up their gardening session altogether, or find a botanical-adjacent gift to make them smile.

After all, the right product can make tending to plants or showcasing a particularly verdant friend all the more joyful. From very good shovels to show-stopping decorative plant pots to luxury grow lights, we’ve included practical gardening necessities and some unique finds to delight anyone who likes to put their hands in some dirt.

Our Top Picks

Below are the best gifts for gardeners both in and outside the home.


Nathalie Lete Juice Glass

Brighten up your favorite plant person’s glassware cabinet with these beautiful, harvest-inspired juice glasses designed for Anthropologie with the Parisian artist Nathalie Lete.

NCYP Black Glass Terrarium with Lid

This vintage-style tabletop terrarium makes their little plants the decor. They can use it as a terrarium, or a miniature greenhouse for seedlings and humidity-loving houseplants.

The Floral Society Canvas Half-Wall Komono Organizer

If their organization system is shoddy at best, there’s no one better to look to than Marie Kondo’s brand KonMari. This sturdy canvas organizer can be hung up in their shed, mudroom, or garage to hold all of their gardening necessities.

Loewe Home Scents Beetroot Scented Candle

This splurge-worthy candle from Loewe will bring any plant lover back to their beetroots, if you will. It’s surprisingly fruity, and the scent is intense enough to fill up their whole space. We especially love this candle for its sturdy vessel that can double as a pot once all the wax is gone.

Niwaki Large Japanese Ikebana Kenzan (Flower Frog)

Flower frogs are hugely popular among florists to keep stems in low vases or bowls anchored in place. They can be used on their own, too, for a minimalist take on flower arranging.


Fiskars Ergo Garden Tool Set

Perfect for the aspiring horticulturist on your list, this starter pack of gardening tools includes one trowel, transplanter, and cultivator, so you’re ready to dig, loosen soil, aerate, plant, weed, and more.

Nisaku Hori-Hori Authentic Tomita Weeding & Digging Knife

If you’re looking to purchase one new hand tool for your loved one’s setup, a hori-hori knife should be it. This one—under $30 from Nisaku—is rust-resistant and made to last. It has inch markings to ensure they plant their bulbs at the correct depth and features dual-sided blades.

FELCO F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

Pruners come in handy for both indoor and outdoor gardening more often than you think (we use ours at least once a month to trim fresh flowers from our local markets). This set has five-star ratings from over 13,000 reviewers on Amazon.

FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter

If digging and mixing a compost pile by hand is off the table, this compost bin is great for beginners. With two compartments, it can create an uninterrupted flow of rich, healthy compost.

Pela Earth Lomi Electric Kitchen Composter

And if outdoor composting is off the table (we get it), there’s the Lomi, a handsome, stout electric composter that literally does the dirty work for them. It churns up everything from dead houseplant leaves to flower stems to plate scrapings, creating a rich compost they can take to their local drop-off.

TomCare Foldable Garden Kneeler Bench with Tool Bag

For someone who spends long hours toiling away in their garden, aching joints and low back pain might be the norm. A garden kneeler like this one makes working outside more accessible for everyone. This one folds for kneeling or sitting, and it comes with a side pouch to store all of their tools and seed packets.

Joyce Chen Red Original Unlimited Kitchen Scissors

Excellent for more precise cuts and snips, these shears could be used to help shape a bonsai tree or prep more delicate fare from the garden like tomatoes and herbs.

Terrain Pine + Maple Garden Carry-All

This harvest basket is the perfect gardening carry-all for collecting blooming flowers and bringing veggies from the yard to the kitchen. And, come on, you know they’ll just feel so chic carrying it around.

Steele Canvas Garden Utility Tote Bag

Steele Canvas was founded over 100 years ago in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has mastered making quality, durable homewares. This utilitarian tote with eight exterior pockets is the perfect catchall for keeping gardening tools organized and in one place. Plus, it doubles as the perfect bag to shlep to the farmers market on weekends.

Pots and Planters

Henry Holland Studio Exclusive Green & White Planter

The green-and-blue-stripe pattern on this planter is so cute, it can draw the eye away from a dying ivy.

Philadelphia-based ceramicist Peyton Flynn’s design-forward homewares bring a splash of color into any space. This speckled stoneware planter has a drainage hole and saucer and fits a 4- to 5-inch houseplant.

Design Within Reach Story Planter

The iconic Story Planter from Design Within Reach is a vessel solution for those needing a space-saving footprint.

Mkono Glass Plant Propagation Station

A perfect gift idea for the zealous plant lover in your life who is always asking if you want a propagation. This planter can either act as a vase (perfect for a windowsill) or can be hung on a wall for some biophilic decor.

Urban Outfitters Areaware Tall Stacking Planter

Personally, we’ve always had our eye on this status plant pot from Areaware that couples design with functionality.

Polymorf Navy Large Gudrun Planter

And this plant pot from Polymorf is an absolute show-stopper.

Tortuga Modern Terrazzo Platform Planter

You can always use another pot and this sculptural design adds some extra decor to a space. It’s made of weather-friendly concrete and natural stone—perfect for indoor or outdoor plants.

Take your plants to the next level, literally. This pedestal to display your handiwork should do the trick.


Sunday Afternoons Sun Guardian Hat

This hat is my personal fave for when I know I’m going to be outside all day. Along with providing tons of coverage, it has an adjustable cord that helps it stay put when you’re moving about.

Hatiis Wide-Brim Gardening Hat

If you’re searching for a sun hat of the cotton variety, this one is a thoughtful gift for someone always doing yard work. Available in a few neutral colors, this hat is wide enough to provide full coverage, equipped with a wired brim for adjustments, and a windproof cord to rest on the neck.

Growing up, these were the clogs my mom was always wearing while she was out in the yard gardening because they check all the boxes when it comes to what a gardener needs. They come in a variety of colors and are made from water-resistant and dirt-repellent polyurethane, plus they are easy to slip on and off when going in and out of the house. She was definitely onto something.

Madewell Denim Oversized Button-Up Shirt in Derussey Wash

With this denim shacket, your gift recipient can go full Martha Stewart. It’s made of heavy-weight cotton and has an oversized fit. They can wear it on their weekly farmer’s market trip, a casual lunch, or out in the backyard for their weekend gardening.

Garden Works Bamboo Fit Gardening Gloves

A pair of gloves that looks out for their hands is one of the best gardening gifts. These are covered in a latex base to protect from thorns, tough soil, and all the other rough elements in the yard. The lighter color also helps them stand out in the dirt.

The Floral Society Essential Workshop Apron & Garden Glove Gift Set

This 100% cotton garden apron has pockets and fits most body types. Pair it with gloves and your favorite gardener will be the talk of the bees and worms in the vegetable garden!

Indoor Gardening

AeroGarden Sprout Hydroponic Indoor Garden

Not everyone has access to outdoor space, which makes this hydroponic indoor herb garden perfect for the urban gardener. It takes the guesswork out of over or under-watering and is small enough for the kitchen counter. This one comes with Genovese basil, curly parsley, and dill to get you started.

Greenery Unlimited Monitor Brass Soil Probe

This is an incredible tool for anyone who keeps hosting funerals for their dead plants. A soil probe helps to determine if they’re under or overwatering their greenery, making it easier to determine thirst levels.

Chen Chen and Kai Williams Plant Trellis

This little ram is not your average trellis. It gives indoor plants something to lean on while adding a bit of extra decor to the space.

Soltech Aspect Small White LED Pendant Grow Light

Soltech is a buzzy brand in the houseplant lovers community. The brand makes grow lights that not only emit full spectrum light to make their plants grow like weeds but also look like luxury accent lighting. The best of both worlds.

Rosy Soil Earth Positive Indoor Potting Mix

This brand makes soil with a carbon-negative footprint and contains all-natural ingredients, meaning no fillers or peat. It even comes in a cute bag that looks nice sitting out.

Owl Focus Waterproof Plant Repotting and Transportation Mat

If they’re still using an old bedsheet to repot and transport plants, opt for gifting a thick, waterproof mat like this one. Especially helpful for apartment dwellers who might not have outdoor space for repotting, a mat contains the mess for seamless cleanup. The corners fold up too, to keep any spilled water or soil from getting on the floor.

The Sill Small Sierra Watering Can

The Sill’s sleek, stainless steel watering can is a must if your giftee has a clunky plastic one. The long, thin spout gets the water exactly where they want it—a key feature for indoor plants.

More Fun Stuff

Flamingo Estate Garden Essentials Hand Soap

Everything from Flamingo Estate is garden goals—like this Clary Sage, Australian Eucalyptus, Mediterranean Rosemary, and California Lavender soap that’s inspired by the very estate! The unique formulation includes ingredients to prevent frequently washed hands from drying and cracking (critical for anyone spending a long day in the dirt), not to mention the National Forest Foundation will plant one tree for every product sold.

“Houseplant Hookups: All the Dirt You Need to Find the Perfect Match” by Agatha Isabel

Houseplant expert Agatha Isabel’s kitschy book is a cute coffee table staple for any burgeoning plant person. It features plant “profiles” set up like Tinder, so anyone can find their perfect houseplant match.

Odistar Mini Tabletop Vacuum Cleaner

Even the most seasoned gardeners are going to make a mess (or two, or ten). This handy desk vacuum is primed and ready to tackle varying degrees of debris on their shelves, windowsills, and tables.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Membership

This is definitely a unique gift for the burgeoning botanist on your list. A membership to a local botanical garden can be a source of inspiration or just an extra place to relax. Plus, most offer discounts, special members-only hours, and fun events.

“Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants,” by Robin Wall Kimmerer

This book is a thoughtful gift about environmental justice. The author is both a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and a trained botanist, offering the perspective of Indigenous wisdom and science.

Berea College Natural Whisk Broom

This artful broom doubles as both cottagecore decor and a lo-fi option to quickly clean up a mess.

Opalhouse 16oz. ‘Plant Person’ Stoneware Mug

They can sip their morning coffee from this artful mug while they admire the handiwork of their garden.

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