43 Best Gifts for Dad in 2023: Infallible Gift Ideas for Dads (and Dad-Types)

So, you’re on the hunt for some great gifts for dad—or someone who’s dad-like (i.e. your grandpa, uncle, or other father figure)—and you have zero clue on what to get. Yes, you swear you do love them, but you really haven’t the faintest clue as to what they want. Calling mom might sound like the right move, but instead you’re here at GQ, and we have to say: Good thinking. GQ does stand for Gentlemen’s Quarterly after all, and your dad has always been exactly that, a gentleman. Sadly, the internet is awash with crappy gifts (like, seriously, does he really need a tacky novelty tie?), but lucky for you, we’re experts at gift giving, and that includes gifts for dad.

From new tech gadgets to gobs of grooming gear, upstanding dad shoes to a mess of sick, stylish clothing items, we have a lot of ground covered. And if you need more, know this: We’ve got no shortage of dad-adjacent suggestions you can pull from. A fresh pair of goes-with-everything loafers, the best fanny packs we could find, affordable watches (and extremely affordable watches), the best beard trimmers, and several father-worthy picks from Amazon, for you Prime-lifers. Just to name a few. Luckily for you, many of these gifts are also available from reliably quick-shipping retailers that will enable a certain degree of procrastination if you’re hunting for last-minute picks. So go forth, and make dad proud.

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