42 Best Amazon Prime Day Fitness Deals 2023: Peloton, Apple, Bowflex

You won’t let a little thing like cold temperatures stop you from working out, right? Hell no. But if you do need some motivation, the best Prime Day fitness deals (technically part of “Prime Big Deal Days”) will get you off your ass and into workout mode. For Prime Day: The Sequel, which is wrapping up as we speak, Amazon has dropped thousands of discounts on sports equipment, hiking gear, and workout essentials, plus tons more Prime Day deals on tech and menswear. If you’re an athlete, the best Prime Day fitness deals let you save on apparel for your next gym day, fitness equipment for your home gym, and everything you need to stay fit in cold weather.

The deals we’re seeing in the health and fitness space are as all-over-the-place as your jump shot. Lots of solid prices on workout wear essentials—workout shorts and sweats, performance undies, socks, and truly basic running shoes. Accessories, too: gym backpacks, water bottles, that sort of thing. There are some genuinely great deals on Garmin and Apple smart watches—so don’t sleep on those if you’re in the market. Home gym hardware, from adjustable dumbbells and weight benches to treadmills, stationary bikes, and the iconic BowFlex, are on sale in full force. Now’s definitely the moment to pick up wireless sports earbuds—though scope out our Apple Deals section if you’re beholden to Cupertino.

And one parting bit of advice: Prime Day shuts down at midnight, so you’re losing time to go home with low-priced goodies. Just know we’re all rooting for you to set a PR in most dollars-saved-per-mile.

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