38 year-old Hero Honda CD100 beautifully restored to factory condition [Video]

Restoration project videos are some of the most satisfying videos that can be watched online. These videos show the journey of an old, worn-out automobile or any other article into something that it may have looked like when it left the factory for the first time. These videos also share the story behind the restoration, and these stories are what make these restoration videos even more engaging. Recently, another such restoration video of one of the most iconic bikes ever to be launched in India, the 1985 Hero Honda CD100 SS, was shared online.

The video of this extensive restoration project of the 1985 Hero Honda CD100 SS has been shared on YouTube by Clutch and Gear on their channel. The voiceover in the video starts off by mentioning that this bike has come to them in Pune, Maharashtra, all the way from Bangalore, Karnataka. He mentions that the owner of this particular bike purchased a used motorcycle and sent it to them for a full nut-and-bolt strip-down restoration. The voiceover mentioned that the bike was sent just after a few calls and without any inspection. So, they did not know what the bike’s condition was, and this made it an even bigger challenge for them.

After this, the video shows the “before” shots of the bike in great detail. The voiceover then states that after receiving the bike, they completely disassembled it. They added that the owner of the bike for this restoration wanted to retain as many parts as they could. It then added that whenever they receive a bike for restoration, their primary objective is to make it mechanically the best and also make it look the best. The voice then added that for this project, they decided to do a complete engine overhaul, change the chain sprocket, perform a full paint job, restore the chassis, and rechrome all chrome parts.

The video then shows the technician taking each and every part off the bike one by one. The technician carefully examines all the parts of the bike and prepares them for restoration. The voiceover then states that after they came to the petrol tank of the bike, they found out that it had many holes. It stated that the previous owner tried to add M-seal to give it a quick fix. It was also mentioned in the video that they tried to source a new tank but could not find one, so they ended up filling all the holes, welding them, and preparing it for paint.

38 year-old Hero Honda CD100 beautifully restored to factory condition [Video]

After this, the bike parts were sent for painting, and each and every part was meticulously prepared for a new coat of paint. The video mentioned that for the paint color, they sent different paint samples via courier to the owner of the bike in Bangalore. After much thought, the owner finally selected a very classy silver color for the bike. It was also mentioned that the stickers were unavailable for the bike, so they created new stickers for it.

Moving on, the bike was then completely reassembled by the same technician who took it apart. The video stated that except for the engine block and carburettor, each and every part of the bike is new. It added that the engine block was sandblasted before fitting it inside the bike.

38 year-old Hero Honda CD100 beautifully restored to factory condition [Video]

Additionally, the bike has also been given a set of new tires and wheels, and every chrome element of the bike was rechromed to make it look like brand new. Finally, after an extreme amount of work, the bike was finished. Just before the delivery, the bike’s paint was given one last buff, and after that, the bike was delivered to the owner who came from Bangalore to pick it up and take delivery of it.

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