3500cc V6 engined Mercedes Benz fitted with CNG: Still very fast [Video]

The fuel prices in the country have gone up in the last 10 years. This has forced many people to look for alternate fuel options like CNG and electric cars. Even today, many states in India have petrol prices over Rs 100. In the Delhi NCR region, people have started installing aftermarket CNG kits in their cars. This way, they can bring down the running cost of their cars. Manufacturers like Maruti, Hyundai, and Tata also offer company-fitted CNG kits. It seems that even people who own luxury cars have started looking for ways to make their cars more efficient. Here, we have a video where a Mercedes-Benz C-Class gets an aftermarket CNG kit installed.

The video has been uploaded by Zuby USTAD on his YouTube channel. It shows how a Mercedes-Benz C-Class luxury sedan with a V6 engine performs with an aftermarket CNG kit installed. The video talks about the components that were installed into the C230 sedan as part of this conversion. The C-Class seen here in the video comes with a 2.5-litre V6 petrol engine that can generate 204 Ps and 245 Nm of peak torque. It gets a gas refilling valve, reducer, pressure gauge, ECU for the newly installed CNG system, and high-pressure pipes to carry the gas.

CNG cars come with a huge cylinder. In this case, the large boot of the sedan is occupied by a massive gas cylinder. Even after installing the gas cylinder, there is ample space in the boot to keep your luggage. The vlogger shows all the components and boot space before getting in. The vlogger mentions that he has driven the car before installing the CNG kit and knows how the car performed. He mentions that the car had impressive acceleration.

C-Class with aftermarket CNG

After installing the CNG kit, the vlogger starts driving the car and mentions that he does not feel much difference in terms of performance. He says the car still feels very fun to drive without compromising on efficiency. In fact, it has become a lot more efficient than before. Generally, when you retrofit a CNG kit into a car, there is a considerable drop in performance, which at times ruins the overall experience.

He also shows the button placed on the center console that allows the driver to switch between petrol and CNG mode as needed. The vlogger was actually driving the car around after installing the CNG kit and was looking for any errors that would pop up on the screen.

The video then talks about fuel efficiency. It mentions that the C-Class used to deliver around 5-6 kmpl in only petrol mode. After installing the CNG kit, the fuel efficiency has gone up, and the car now returns around 12-14 kmpl. In the Delhi NCR region, people often buy used luxury cars without considering the overall running and maintenance costs. This video is a boon for those who are fed up with the fuel efficiency of their luxury car and want to get more from the engine. It should be noted that it is always recommended to go for RTO-approved CNG kits for cars to avoid any leaks or kit-related issues.

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