30 Best Black Friday Deals of 2023: Tech, Clothes, & Shoes

Brace yourselves, turkeys, because Thanksgiving is nearly here. And deal shoppers? Get your credit card numbers memorized because the best Black Friday deals are happening the day after. And if you’ve been following our deal hunting recently (which you really should), you would know that we’ve been tracking all the early Black Friday deals since we were still wearing shorts out. There are so many early sales worth browsing that you could quite possibly get your holiday shopping done long before the tryptophan-induced food coma hits. That way, when actual Black Friday rolls around you can sleep through your turkey hangover.

Here in the short-lived calm before the storm, we’re seeing good-to-great deals across many of the categories that GQ scouts for Black Friday sales: tech and gadgets, menswear, sneakers, grooming products, home goods and kitchen appliances, travel (including luggage), and beyond. Particularly in tech and tech-y home goods, you can save a lot of money on various “last year’s models”—whether that’s vacuums, headphones, or Apple products.

We’re constantly compiling and updating the absolute cremè-de-la-cremè of early Black Friday deals in this guide, while also building out frequently-refreshed steals and bargains sourced from Amazon, Walmart, and Nordstrom at those links.

Keep checking back all week long for the absolute best early Black Friday deals 2023 has to offer—and then join us again day-of because we don’t want to be shopping these sales all by our lonesome.

The Early Black Friday Deals Hit List

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Early Black Friday Menswear Deals

Any interest in timeless style staples from Levi’s and Abercrombie? How about a showpiece timepiece from Seiko? For more menswear picks, see our picks from Nordstrom’s ongoing holiday sales, as well as our Black Friday menswear sales guide.


Tank style for you, at a price that won’t tank your gift shopping budget.


Irish Donegal Wool Sweater

A nice piping hot bowl of stew would be perfect for a chilly day, but this hefty Irish wool sweater will do just fine.


Button-Up Long-Sleeve Sweater Polo

We call this the Kramer special.


A little bit of sherpa for a whole lot of warmth and style.


Lightweight Carpenter Pants

Carpenter or not, you’ll love these hard-wearing pants.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Crochet sweaters are just as cool now as when your grandma gave you one as a gift for the holidays as a kid. But don’t worry if that hand-knit joint is long gone because Abercrombie still makes them (just don’t tell your Nana).

Todd Snyder

Is it a sweater? Is it a jacket? Listen, all we care is that it’s cozy as hell and looks even better.


Yellow Radial Flower Swim Trunk

Are we recommending swim trunks in the winter? These GQ All-Stars winners might not hold up in sub-zero temperatures, but we know a lot of you are hoping to escape to a beachy resort this December.

Early Black Friday Tech Deals

Earbuds from Bose and Apple, Nintendo’s top-tier Switch, and Sonos speakers—all for way less than usual. Shop more early Black Friday tech deals here.


Sonos might’ve just released the newer-generation Move 2, but if you’re trying to save a pretty penny, the first-gen Move is still a worthwhile purchase.


AirPods Pro (2nd Generation, Lightning)

If you’ve still got plenty of Lightning cords around the house, then you can save on AirPods Pro by living without the new USB-C charging.


The bougie AirPods Max are as stylish as they are exceptional—spatial audio works well, noise cancellation is second to none, and 20 hours of battery life is more than enough to get you through your commute.


Welcome to your new bedroom TV. With both Alexa and Amazon’s Roku-esque Fire TV software built-in, this 32″ screen makes for an all-in-one (aka, far fewer cords) setup. $120 is a stupid-low price, though if you want a little more acreage, the 40″ version is only $190. (And if you need 4K plus the bells and whistles required for a living-room-level set, Amazon’s top-tier Fire TV Omni series is also on sale right now.)


SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light

Don’t let SAD come for you this winter with a sleep light that’ll help you regulate your circadian rhythm for fewer mornings of you cursing into the ether.


Luxe Fitness + Wellness Tracker

“Wrist candy” rarely applies to fitness trackers, but we’ll make an exception for the Fitbit Luxe, a fairly basic tracker that can do a lot more if you spring for FitBit’s subscription service.


Bose’s QuietComfort II are the best noise-cancelling earbuds on the market, bar-none. But they’ve also upped their music-fidelity game, too—particularly thanks to some software that automatically tweaks the audio based on the shape of your ear.


If you don’t need the latest model of tech gear, the older model of the iPad is $150 cheaper than the current iteration, and most people won’t be able to tell the difference in performance if all you’re doing is surfing the web, taking FaceTime calls, and watching YouTube.

Black Friday Sneaker + Shoe Deals

Already we’re seeing some solid deals on sneakers, hikers, and loafers from shoe-niverse heavy hitters like Nike, Merrell (with a GQ-exclusive discount running through the end of the month), and Adidas.


Before Michael Jordan was Michael Jordan, he wore the Nike Terminator. We’re not saying that you’d end up with an earth-shattering shoe deal and mountains of cash afterward, but hey—it happened once before!

Cole Haan

Pinch Penny Slip-On Loafer

When you’re in a pinch, throw these on and you have a complete outfit.

New Balance

Made in USA 990 v5 Running Shoe

Whether you’re running laps or walking down the block, do it in the utmost comfort (and style).


All Handsewn Tokyo DB Chukka

You can’t beat Yuketen’s handmade shoes, and these chukkas are quite possibly the best pair that the brand makes.

Early Black Friday Home + Kitchen Deals

We’re seeing some rare discounts on the nicest kitchen and home stuff (from the likes of All-Clad and Branch, e.g.) as well as deals that make everyday brands like OXO and Shark feel like genuine steals. For even more home and kitchen bargains, check out our early Black Friday deal roundups for Amazon, Walmart, Nordstrom.


Stainless Steel 10-inch Fry Pan

Cook with a pan that the real pros use.


Your pancake of a pillow can use a major upgrade.


Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

In our testing, the OXO Brew grinder is the best budget-friendly option for those looking to up their at-home coffee setup. And for 20% off, it’s an even better value than before.


Give your tush a break.


Don’t be surprised if after a few weeks of using the Nutri-Blender to churn out smoothies, protein shakes, and cocktails if your mouth starts watering whenever you hear the whirr of the blades. It’s Pavlov’s blender.


Vertex Cordless Stick Vacuum

Real sharks may have black, dead eyes, but this Shark can bend in half to get all the way under couch and devour the dust bunnies that have been living there for years.

Made In

Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan

With a coating that’s so slippery-smooth, you’ll wonder if you already put butter in the pan.

Our Place

The Black Friday sale at Our Place includes the brand’s most popular product, the Always Pan 2.0. Sure, you might photograph it more than you actually cook with it, but hey, at least now you own a piece of cookware.

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