3 year-old child gets locked inside Volkswagen T-Roc: Owner breaks the glass to rescue

Children getting locked inside cars is not a new occurrence. Ever since car manufacturers introduced central locking, numerous incidents like this have been reported from around the world, including India. Here is another such incident from Ludhiana, Punjab. A child got locked inside a Volkswagen T-Roc and was eventually rescued after breaking the glass with a sledgehammer.

The owner of the car, Sunderdeep, shared the scary incident on his Twitter handle, which must have been terrifying for any parent. Sunderdeep was waiting for his wife and child when his other child snatched the car key from his hand and entered the vehicle. He quickly closed the doors, but within a few seconds, he heard the click of the car getting locked.

With all the windows closed, Sunderdeep tried to communicate with his son and asked him to press the unlock button. However, the child got confused and accidentally pressed the lock button multiple times, activating the security alarm. The loud sound of the alarm further added to the confusion and panic.

As the child started to cry, locals gathered to help. Sunderdeep quickly noticed a nearby puncture shop and asked the repairman to bring a sledgehammer. After several attempts, they managed to break the rear quarter glass with the hammer, allowing the child to hand over the keys and finally be rescued.

The owner also shared a pic of a glass breaker that he kept inside the glovebox and could not be useful in this situation. Modern day car glasses, which are all laminated glasses are extremely difficult to break. These are safety glass that do not create sharp edges.

Don’t leave a child or pet inside a car

Incidents like these are becoming increasingly common in India, just like in many foreign countries. Leaving a child or a pet inside a locked vehicle, especially without the AC running can be extremely dangerous.

When a vehicle is parked under the sun with the AC off and windows closed, the temperature inside can rise rapidly due to the greenhouse effect. Studies have shown that the temperature inside a vehicle can increase by 20 degrees in just 10 minutes in an open parking area with direct sunlight. After an hour of exposure, the temperature can rise by 40 degrees, turning the cabin into a hot and suffocating environment.

It’s crucial to understand that a child’s body temperature changes much faster compared to adults. Children haven’t fully developed the ability to regulate their body temperature quickly, making them highly vulnerable to heatstroke. Tragically, there have been numerous cases where toddlers have suffered from severe heatstroke and even lost their lives. The same applies to pets left inside hot vehicles, as they too are at risk of heat-related health issues and fatalities.

A child may accidentally disengage the hand brake, causing the vehicle to move on its own. Some modern cars even come with e-parking brakes, which are easier for a child to disengage as well. In any situation, it is crucial not to leave a child or a pet unattended inside a car. Safety should always be a top priority to prevent any potential accidents or harm.

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