23 Best Winter Gloves for Men 2023: Cold Weather Accessories to Keep Your Hands Toasty

It’s easy enough to remember to stock up on boots, sweaters and big puffy coats, but forgetting about winter gloves for men is an all-too-common rookie mistake. And once you’re out there on the tundra—or, y’know, shoving your hands under your pits while you wait for a cab—all it takes is one icy slap on the wrist to teach you a lesson.

The Best Winter Gloves Shopping Guide

You’re probably wondering whether an extensive list of gloves is actually warranted to help you find the ideal pair. Good question. In a word: absolutely. Would you trust dainty cashmere mittens to keep your digits protected shredding gnar on the slopes? (That was rhetorical, but we’ll answer it anyway: definitely not—invest in gloves that are water-resistant and filled with heat-generating down instead.) That go-to “office sweater” you leave by your desk for when the heat abruptly cuts out isn’t quite the same as the one you’d throw on to hit the after-hours circuit, after all. Winter gloves are no different.

So whether you’ve arrived here well in advance of a frozen forecast, or you’re struggling to read this through a plume of your own breath, we’ve got the right pair of gloves for you. Not only will each of these gloves keep your hands toasty, they also look cool as hell doing it. Or, uh, warm as hell? IDK. You get it. From waterproof insulated gloves to classic woolen mittens and everything in-between, these are all the best winter gloves for men.

If you’re looking for the best touchscreen gloves, specifically, we’ve got a few recommendations below—and a dedicated roundup of our favorites right here.

The Best Do-It-All Winter Gloves

The Highcamp 3-finger gloves are a sure bet for not catching frostbite, whether you’re enjoying winter sports like snowboarding and skiing or just texting your friend outside of his apartment because the buzzer is broken again. The 3-finger, tabi-style design provides the warmth of a mitten without compromising on dexterity, the nylon softshell is water-resistant and windproof, and the goatskin palms offer serious grip. (They also come insulated with a proprietary fuzzy, high-loft material that really turns up the heat, not unlike your essential base layers.) Bottom line: it’s hard to find gloves this warm that look good and allow you to do the stuff you need to do with your hands, like swipe a MetroCard or adjust an ill-fitting plastic coffee lid.

The Best Touchscreen Compatible Winter Gloves


Digits Winter Touchscreen Gloves

If the ability to use your phone in the middle of a raging blizzard is a top priority, you need some touchscreen gloves. The problem is, most etip gloves lack the kind of accuracy and dexterity you need to efficiently type and swipe—or they’re paper thin and don’t actually keep your digits warm. Moshi’s touchscreen-compatible winter gloves are among the warmest and easiest to use that we’ve tried, and while they aren’t gloves you’d want to spend a day skiing in, they offer ample warmth for your daily commute. They’re made from a dual-knit fabric that’s got a super soft micro-fleece interior. Each finger is knit with conductive fibers so you’re not limited to just the index finger (so go ahead and zoom in on that map). And grippy ridges help prevent your phone from slipping out of your hands.

The Best Glove-Mitten Combos


Flip It Convertible Glove

The internal back-and-forth of whether to go with mittens or gloves is enough to drive you to the brink. The solution? Convertible gloves. These camo’d out hybrids (should we call them glovens?) keep your hands sheltered and warm while giving you the full functionality of your fingers with the flip of a mitt. They’re made from a luscious, midweight polyester fleece material with grippy reinforcements at the palm and thumbs. Plus, the mitt stays secure thanks to the magic of magnets.

The Best Leather Winter Gloves


Rolleston Touchscreen Leather Gloves

Dents has been hand-making gloves since the 1700s, and in the nearly 300 years they’ve been in business they have perfected the ultra-luxe, rich-guy glove. Maybe you just landed a six-figure hand-modeling contract. Maybe you’d like to give off that my-driver-is-waiting-for-me-outside vibe. In either case, Dents’ Cambridge gloves are for you. Deerskin, with its beautiful smooth grained texture and suppleness, is the kind of leather that oozes elegance. They’re elegant without being not over-the-top, and perfect for pairing with a nice metal bracelet watch and a topcoat.

The Best Statement Winter Gloves

If you didn’t know that gloves are, in fact, cold weather accessories and not drab layers you begrudgingly wrap your fingers in, now you do—and Isa Boulder’s attention-grabbing warm gloves are your one-way ticket to flexing that newfound fashion prowess. If the distinct, waffle-like texture isn’t enough to sway you, the rich navy and beige colors—basket-woven throughout for a satisfyingly eye-catching effect—will put those standard, run-of-the-mill options you were eyeing before this to shame. Sure, these’ll keep your hands plenty warm, but most important, they’ll look really, really cool doing it. (And make everything else you’re wearing—beanie, puffers, parkas, a trippy fleece—look cooler by association.) What more can you ask for?

Plus 19 More Pairs of Winter Gloves We Love

Paul Smith

Lambswool ‘Prince of Wales Check’ Gloves

Posh and punk, are two words that come to mind when you catch a glimpse of these cheeky, woolen gloves.


Whipstitch Shearling Lined Suede Gloves

This burly pair of shearling gloves goes out to the people who’s hands run cold yearround.


Classic, woolly gloves that’ll last you for years to come.


This sleek, fleece-lined glove will make sure your grip game stays strong, even when temperatures hit below the belt.


They don’t make ’em like they used to—oh wait, they do.


Leather Gloves with Horsebit

Fans of Gucci’s legendary loafer can felx they style chops while keeping their hands nice and toasty.

Max Mara

You’ll never loose a mitten again!

Ernest W. Baker

A little texture goes a long way.

Mountain Hardwear

You may not be weathering a glacial storm, but it’s good to know that these gloves could handle it—y’know, just in case. 


Warm shouldn’t mean sweaty—Patagonia’s moisture-wicking Synchilla fleece will keep your palms cool, calm, and collected.


These days, staying toasty doesn’t require a a dubiously-inherited fortune. Uniqlo’s affordable heatteach gear is a go-to for effectively keeping the cold out on a budget.


A classic pair of knit gloves made in the USA from a hardy wool blend. Need we say more?

The North Face

Keep those Twitter fingers active wherever you go.


Cashmere-lined Suede Gloves

Purchase doesn’t include a title, but you’ll be feeling like the lord of your block.


Smartwool is best known for its hefty wool socks, but the brand also make some stellar gloves (a.k.a. socks for your hands). These liners are lightweight, surprisingly warm, and svelte enough to fit inside a pair of actual leather gloves.


Insulated System 5 Driver Work Glove

Whether you’re walking to grab your morning cup of joe or actually doing some manual labor outdoors, these Thinsulate-stuffed gloves will get the job done.


Old school leather with modern-day Primaloft insulation means yes, you can have it all.

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