23 Best Wand Vibrators of 2024 That Are Worth the Buzz

Pros: Powerful, somewhat rumbly vibrations; dial for more precise control over vibration intensity; relatively petite
Cons: Requires an electric outlet; gets buzzier on higher speeds; gets loud on higher speeds; ridged head can be hard to clean; porous head material can’t be fully sanitized

The Most Ergonomic Wand Vibrator: Dame Com

Material: Silicone
Battery life: 1 hour

The curved handle of this wand may look odd, but it actually makes it super easy to hold this toy while massaging your neck, shoulders, or wherever else. “Using other vibrators… can cause hypersensitivity or a loss of sensitivity for some, but this thing starts with a low, deep but soft rumble,” one Lovehoney reviewer wrote. “Even at higher levels, the vibrations are just slower, deeper and extremely enjoyable.”

The wand handle itself is definitely something you should take into consideration when shopping for one of these types of wand vibes. “As a person with mobility and chronic pain issues, wands offer me comfort by having a longer handle and not needing me to extend my arm as far as I would with a smaller, bullet-style vibe,” Wound says.

Pros: Rumbly vibrations; five speeds and five patterns; ergonomically shaped handle; quiet; waterproof
Cons: Not as strong as some other wands; vibrations translate into the handle a fair bit; short battery life

The Best Warming Wand Vibrator: Svakom Emma Neo

Material: Silicone, ABS plastic, and metal
Battery life: 4 hours

“I LOOOOOOOVE the Svakom Emma Neo,” Yau says. “It warms to my body temperature, which is a total game-changer in cold weather.” Who knew masturbation could be so cozy? This wand also has Bluetooth compatibility—connect it to the Svakom app on your phone and you can experiment with programmed vibration modes, sync the vibrations to music, or even invite a long-distance partner to control your vibe.

Pros: Five vibration speeds and six patterns; heating function; waterproof; long battery life; very petite
Cons: Relatively weak vibrations for a wand; gets buzzier on higher speeds

The Best Wand Vibrator with Attachments Included: Zalo Kyro

Material: Silicone and ABS plastic
Battery life: 2 hours

Attachments can make a wand much more versatile, narrowing its strong vibrations into slimmer shapes that can be used to precisely stimulate the G-spot, clitoris, and other hotspots. When I was sent this wand to try, I loved experimenting with the different sensations it could provide, depending on whether I used it on its own or with one of the two attachments it comes with. It’s pretty quiet and strong, too.

Pros: Strong, rumbly vibrations; six speeds and five patterns; comes with two optional attachments;
Cons: Penetrative attachment is awkwardly angled for using on yourself (it points almost straight up from the top of the wand’s head)

The Best Wand Attachment: Vixen Creations Gee Whiz

Material: Silicone

If you already have a (standard-sized, not mini) wand you love, the Gee Whiz can help you get more utility out of it. This silicone attachment pops onto the head of your wand and focuses its vibrations into a curved shape that’s perfect for hitting the G-spot or prostate. “When I first got it, I was so excited that I put it on my wand, fired it up, and started using it in the standing position,” one Amazon reviewer recounted. “I nearly instantly had an orgasm and almost fell down! My knees buckled with pleasure!”

Pros: Turns your wand into a G-spot or prostate stimulator; wand head can also provide clitoral or perineum stimulation at the same time
Cons: Expensive for what it is; only works on standard-size wands; can be hard to take off (lube helps)

The Best Wand Mount: Wand Essentials Wand Assist Adjustable Wand Holder

Wand Essentials

Wand Assist Adjustable Wand Holder

Material: Metal and ABS plastic

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