23 Best Men's Robes 2023: Every Sumptuous Option to Level Up Your Self-Care

The best men’s robes have the power to turn your modest apartment into a luxury spa in two seconds flat. Sadly, you’ll still have to acquire all the relevant permits and take it up with your landlord before you can charge randos for the home massage experience. (That second source of income will have to come from somewhere else, pal.) But that’s okay—a swaddly robe is more of a solo thing anyway. So if you’re gonna treat yourself to a robe, the robe has to treat you right, too. That means avoiding the cheap-o glorified towels with scratchy materials that just end up pilling after a couple washes—what you actually want is the creme de la creme of bath robes, the ones kitted out with the fluffiest, softest materials that take it from a mere post-shower dry-off to soul-filling self-care.

The Best Robes Shopping Guide

Maybe you favor soft flannels or brushed terry cloths? Hefty waffle knits or lightweight cotton blends? Or perhaps you’re capital-B Bougie and prefer to be draped in cashmere or silk. Whatever your choice, slipping into the right robe should feel indistinguishable from booking a day at the spa (so long as you close your eyes and ignore your roommate’s leaning tower of dirty dishes). So we took the liberty of tracking down the 23 best men’s robes on the market right now, from plush shawl collar robes that’ll make you feel refreshed to kimono-inspired robes you could plausibly repurpose as some very comfy outerwear.

It goes without saying that robes are the most regal genus of loungewear, but serious lounging doesn’t have to be on the agenda to revel in their benefits. No matter how you wear yours, or what you find yourself doing in it, comport yourself like the elite clientele you are (and then take a cue from James Harden and invest in some outdoors-appropriate pajamas, too.)

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