22 Best Subscription Boxes for Men in 2023: Clothing, Grooming, and Food/Drinks

LootCrate bills itself as a subscription box for gamers, geeks, and nerds—which, let’s be honest, we all are in some way. Each of monthly subscription box centers around a specific theme, usually riffing on pop culture. You’ll find boxes that riff on Marvel, Harry Potter, Fallout and Halloween monsters, often packed with vinyl toys, themed clothing, and replica props.

The Best Coffee Subscription Boxes

What to expect: Unique single-origin coffees and crowd-pleasing coffee blends from independent coffee roasters

We’re big fans of never running out of coffee here at GQ, so naturally Trade Coffee is among our favorite subscription boxes for men. Not only is it naturally appealing to automate your coffee situation as much as humanly possible, but Trade lets you sample from small roasters that deliver on both flavor and ethical practices. Tell Trade what you like and how often you want beans, and it’ll take care of the rest. (A subscription also happens to make a great gift for the conscientious coffee drinker in your life, whether or not they actually knows the difference between single origin and blends.)

What to expect: Freshly roasted beans from around the world

In a similar vein, Atlas Coffee is for the coffee snob who likes travel the world with every cup. This subscription box supplies you with a steady stream of single-roast beans from all over the world—like Brazil, Columbia, and Ethiopia (the birthplace of coffee)—that you won’t find on shelves, so it’s ideal for the person who wants to branch out from local roasters or blends from big chains. Each order comes with postcards from the country of origin that offer flavor notes and brewing tips. Just select your grind and roast preference, light or medium, and how often you want to get restocked (two bags every month nets out to $28), then enjoy a whole new world of flavor.

What to expect: A human-curated coffee subscription from around the world

If you’re looking to go from a bachelor’s in drinking coffee to a Ph.D in coffee-ology, let Driftaway be your professor. The initial box, the Explorer Kit, comes with five coffees sourced from around the world, and from there you’ll hop on a call with one of Driftaway’s coffee nerds to help guide you through your very first tasting. It’s more nuanced than the simple quizzes of other coffee subscriptions, giving you the ability to ask questions and delve deeper with a pro. Just try not to be too annoying afterward at your local coffee shop.

The Best Food Subscription Boxes

What to expect: Butcher-selected cuts of high-grade meat, particularly pork, beef, and chicken

Porter Road founders James Peisker and Chris Carter started out as chefs before turning their attention to butchery. The reason? A lack of quality meat. No matter what cuts or types of meat you want (from sausage to pork chops to ground beef), Porter Road has got you covered. Choose from curated boxes like the Butcher’s Choice box, seen here, or streamline your choices with some prime cuts from the Best of Porter Road Box ($128). Subscribers also get the option to add individual products to each box for an additional fee. It’s like being able to go to your local butcher shop without actually having to put pants on.

What to expect: A curated selection of Japanese snacks, usually revolving around a specific theme

Top up the most important supplies in your home office (snacks) with a curated service like Bokksu, which specializes in small bites from Japan. We’re not just talking renditions of popular American snacks in Japanese flavors, like green tea KitKats or the like. Instead, Bokksu works directly with Japanese brands, some of which have been in the business for generations, to mix up your typical trail mix and granola bar rotation with unique flavors and textures you won’t find at your local Whole Foods. Each box comes with almost two dozen snacks and candies (from mochi and small pastries to teas), as well as a helpful guide to tell you exactly what you’re eating or sipping. The first box helps you get a feel for the tasty world of Japanese snacking—after that, Bokksu sends you themed boxes with equally mouthwatering goods.

What to expect: Sustainably sourced meats in a variety of cuts, including fish

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