2024 Toyota Fortuner gets more power, features in Thailand: India update next?

The highly popular Toyota Fortuner, which has become an icon in the realm of full-size 7-seater SUVs in the Indian and other Southeast Asian markets, has taken a stride forward in its evolution with the 2024 update. Freshly unveiled in Thailand, the new update brings forth an array of enhancements which include a bump in the power figures of the outgoing model and also some new technological features that will help in increasing the allure of this already popular SUV.

For the new 2024 year update the Japanese automotive giant Toyota has bestowed the 2.8-liter 1GD-FTV engine of the Fortuner with a substantial 20 horsepower surge, now delivering a robust 224 horsepower, accompanied by a formidable increase of 50 Nm in torque, totaling an impressive 550 Nm in the international market. Beyond the power boost, this variant also receives wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrated into its 9-inch infotainment screen. The company has also included a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in the new 2024 year update of the Fortuner.

For the Fortuner Legender which is called the LTD variant in the Thai market, power remains unchanged, yet strides have been made in infotainment. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and tire pressure sensors are welcomed additions, enhancing convenience. The non-LTD trims, known as the Fortuner Leader, join the safety fray with the introduction of TPMS. To complete the picture, Toyota has substituted the Silver Sky Metallic color with the gleaming Silver Shimmering Metallic shade, adding a touch of freshness to the aesthetics.

2024 Toyota Fortuner gets more power, features in Thailand: India update next?

The enhancements, though subtle, have prompted a price elevation across the Fortuner range in Thailand. This price hike ranges from THB 15,000 to THB 40,000, inviting questions about the potential timeline for these improvements to reach Toyota enthusiasts in the Philippines as well.

Additionally, as the Thai market revels in the evolved Fortuner, enthusiasts in India are left wondering if they too will experience the revamped version. It’s plausible that Toyota Motor Philippines could introduce these enhancements later this year, mirroring the trend of quietly ushering in improvements toward the year’s end. With the Fortuner’s colossal popularity in India, one can’t help but speculate if these advancements will find their way to Indian showrooms in the coming year, further solidifying the Fortuner’s esteemed position in the Indian SUV landscape.

2024 Toyota Fortuner gets more power, features in Thailand: India update next?

In other Toyota Fortuner news, recently a few leaked images, potentially showcasing the forthcoming 2024 Fortuner hybrid, ignited fervent discussions and heightened the anticipation of what could be the 2024 Toyota Fortuner Hybrid. The leaked images revealed a meticulous redesign inspired by the Tacoma pickup truck, featuring a larger grille that exudes dominance on the road. The refresh extends to new headlights and a revised bumper, encapsulating a commanding stance. Although the leaked images leave the rear largely shrouded in secrecy, speculations suggest the possibility of new taillights that would enhance the Fortuner’s visual appeal.

Delving into the cabin, the redesign of the dashboard hints at the addition of modern features catering to contemporary drivers. A potential sunroof offering a touch of luxury to the SUV underscores Toyota’s keenness to appease the Indian market’s preferences. The emergence of a mild-hybrid system further solidifies Toyota’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency. This eco-conscious powertrain could incorporate a 48V battery and a compact electric motor generator, working in harmony with the engine to optimize performance while curbing emissions similar to the drivetrain that we have seen on the acclaimed Innova Hycross.

2024 Toyota Fortuner gets more power, features in Thailand: India update next?

While an official launch date remains elusive, the anticipation surrounding the Fortuner’s evolution in India is strong. With its design overhaul, enhanced features, and the potential embrace of a mild-hybrid powertrain, the 2024 Toyota Fortuner Hybrid is poised to maintain its reigning status in the Indian full-size SUV segment. Currently, the Fortuner’s competition is constrained primarily to the MG Gloster, as its previous rivals like the Ford Endeavour and Mahindra Alturas G4 have exited the Indian market.

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