2024 Hyundai Creta Base Trim Modified With Connected DRL And Tail Lamps (Video)

Hyundai, a renowned automaker globally known for its innovative and reliable vehicles, offers the Hyundai Creta, a popular SUV in the Indian market. Among its lineup is the Hyundai Creta 2024 E variant, catering to budget-conscious consumers. This variant provides essential features at an affordable price point.

The video shows various modifications made to elevate the Creta 2024 E variant to look like the top-of-the-line SX(O) model, enhancing both its aesthetics and functionality.
Starting with the exterior, the factory-fitted matte gray grille has been replaced with a sleek black chrome grille, giving the SUV a more aggressive and premium look. This upgrade comes at an additional cost of Rs 15,500. Furthermore, the front headlights have been upgraded to LED units, accompanied by connected LED DRLs, which were absent in the base model. The cost for the Pro7LEDs 150W is Rs 6,500 per pair, while the center-connected DRL adds Rs 5,800 to the modification list.

Enhancing the side profile, diamond-cut alloy wheels have been fitted, priced at Rs 12,000 per piece, adding both style and durability to the SUV. Additionally, skid plates, roof rails have been installed to enhance the SUV’s visual appeal.

Moving to the interior, several upgrades have been made to enhance comfort and convenience. The door handles have been replaced with matte gray finished handles, adding a touch of sophistication. The ORVMs have been upgraded to include indicators and are now auto-folding and electrically adjustable, providing enhanced comfort and convenience.
Moreover, the interior now boasts cruise control and steering-mounted controls for added convenience during long drives. The steering wheel has been wrapped in leather, providing a premium feel. Ambient lighting has been installed to enhance the cabin’s ambiance.

The modifications include the installation of top model tail lights and a shark fin antenna, along with the addition of an infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. A 360-degree camera system has also been installed, offering improved visibility while maneuvering the vehicle in tight spaces.

Despite these extensive modifications, it’s essential to note that the base Hyundai Creta 2024 E variant offers decent features and safety equipment. It comes equipped with dual airbags, ABS with EBD, electronic stability control (ESC), and rear parking sensors, ensuring a safe driving experience.

However, for consumers seeking a more premium driving experience with advanced features, the modified Hyundai Creta 2024 SX(O) variant stands as an enticing option. Though it comes at a premium of approximately 7 lakh rupees compared to the base E variant, the added features and enhancements justify the price difference for those looking for a top-of-the-line SUV experience.

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