2023 Ola S1 Pro pre-production model reviewed [Video]

On this Independence Day, the Bangalore-based electric scooter manufacturing giant, Ola Electric, officially launched its all-new 2023 Ola S1 Pro model. Alongside this updated model, the company also introduced the most affordable model, the S1 Air. As of now, the company has not yet begun delivering these new scooters, but a YouTuber managed to get his hands on a pre-production model and provided a brief review of it on his channel.

The video of the 2023 Ola S1 Pro pre-production model has been shared on YouTube by EV Gyan on their channel. The presenter initiates the video with a snippet showcasing the updated 0-40 kmph time of the brand-new Ola Electric scooter. Following the initial clip, the presenter introduces the model and mentions that the company has upgraded the S1 Pro to the second-gen platform, resulting in significant performance improvements. He emphasizes that the company has addressed customer demands by replacing the single front suspension arm with a traditional dual fork suspension system.

Prior to discussing the suspension upgrade, the presenter highlights that the 0-40 kmph acceleration time, which used to be around 2.9 seconds, has now been reduced to approximately 2.6 seconds. Moving forward, he mentions that the company has enhanced the motor of the S1 Pro, making it more efficient. He adds that although the battery pack remains at 4 kWh, it now offers a considerably increased range, rated at 195 km of IDC range.

The presenter proceeds to explain that both the 2023 Ola S1 Pro and S1 Air are now built on the Gen 2 platform by the company. He further adds that the company has managed to significantly reduce the weight of the S1 Pro scooter by making the battery much lighter and more compact. Additionally, he notes that the scooter’s motor, which was formerly rated at 4.5 kW, has been improved to 5 kW in nominal power and 11 kW in peak power.

2023 Ola S1 Pro pre-production model reviewed [Video]

After discussing the performance enhancements, the presenter shifts focus to the updates made to the scooter’s frame by the company. He mentions that the hump previously present in the footwell has been removed, and a flat floor now occupies its place. Furthermore, he notes that the design of the alloy wheels has been revised, and the rear suspension now features a dual spring setup. Moving to the front of the scooter, he points out that it now includes the traditional telescopic suspension setup. He reveals that the company took customer feedback into account and implemented these changes. He also showcases the newly added handlebar in the rear.

2023 Ola S1 Pro pre-production model reviewed [Video]

Transitioning to the downsides of the updated version of the Ola S1 Pro, the presenter briefly discusses a few negative aspects. He mentions that the company has removed the cover from the rear side that used to conceal the suspension and other components, resulting in a more exposed rear portion. Additionally, he reveals that the touchscreen display and its entire software have been overhauled. He indicates that he will delve deeper into these changes in his long-term review. Finally, he notes that the boot space has been reduced by 2 liters and that the overall price of the scooter has increased by Rs 7,000 compared to the previous generation scooter.

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