2023 Hyundai Verna facelift with Nardo wrap has a crazy loud music system [Video]

The South Korean automotive giant, Hyundai Motor India, launched the all-new Verna facelift just a few months ago. The model instantly became a hit in the country and is currently posting very decent sales figures every month. Now, with a lot of cars in the market, it’s natural that a lot of them get modified, and recently, a video of one such uniquely modified Verna has been shared online. This particular Verna facelift features an extremely expensive and powerful audio setup, along with a ton of exterior modifications, including a Nardo Grey wrap.

Nardo Grey Hyundai Verna Facelift

The video of this particular Hyundai Verna facelift, with a ton of modifications, has been shared online by Vineet Garg on their channel. The presenter starts the video with a few beauty shots of the modified Verna facelift. After this, he introduces the owner of the vehicle. He then asks the owner about the details of this particular car and also asks him about all the modifications done to this sedan.

Exterior Modifications

The first question the presenter asks the owner is about the model details. The owner answers that this is the standard 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol Verna facelift. He adds that this was the first-ever Verna to be delivered in Noida. Following this, the presenter asks the owner about the idea behind the modifications of this car. The owner responds that his Verna was the first black Verna; however, as more black Vernas were being delivered, he decided to make his Verna a lot more unique.

After the introduction, the presenter mentions that the owner has wrapped this Verna in Audi’s Nardo Grey wrap. Normally, Nardo Grey is a little darker in color; however, this one is a lighter shade of the iconic Nardo Grey. Next, the owner of the vehicle adds that he has smoked his front connected LED DRL but has not changed anything on the headlights. He also mentions that the front features a front splitter, which is a one-off piece specially made for the Verna. He mentions that it is not a universal splitter that a lot of people add.

2023 Hyundai Verna facelift with Nardo wrap has a crazy loud music system [Video]

Soon after this, they both move to the side profile of the vehicle. The owner adds that the tires have been kept stock, but he has changed the alloy wheels. It now features a ten-spoke alloy wheel with some white tire lettering to add to the sporty appearance. He mentions that currently, he does not have a side skirt on the vehicle, as no Verna-specific options were available in the aftermarket. Lastly, the owner states that he has also blacked out all the chrome elements.

Music System Worth Rs 3 Lakh

2023 Hyundai Verna facelift with Nardo wrap has a crazy loud music system [Video]

Following the exterior, the owner of the vehicle opens the rear boot of the vehicle. After this, he reveals a massive 2000 RMS woofer. He also mentions that the entire car has been given noise insulation. He adds that the combined cost of this woofer and other components of the audio system inside the car costs upwards of Rs 3 lakh. He then demonstrates the power of this woofer by playing audio at full volume. In the video, the entire car can be seen vibrating because of the power of the audio system.

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