20 Day-Old Tata Safari Facelift Gets Dismantled At Showroom For Multiple Issues (Video)

The country’s third-largest carmaker, Tata Motors, has gone above and beyond to design the new Safari facelift SUV. However, the same cannot be said about the service quality and the general quality control of the company. Recently, an owner revealed that his brand-new Safari facelift was dismantled after two days of its delivery. Now, just a few days later, another incident from Nagpur, Maharashtra, has come forward in which another 20-day-old Tata Safari facelift was dismantled by a dealership.

Brand-new Tata Safari dismantled at dealership

The video of this Tata Safari facelift, which was dismantled after 20 days, has been shared on YouTube by Prateek Singh on their channel. The presenter has mentioned that the newest case of a Tata Safari facelift facing a lot of problems has been shared with him by the customer himself from Nagpur, Maharashtra. He states that the owner narrated that he and his family took delivery of their Tata Safari Accomplished+ on the 7th of February. Following this, he explains that when he was returning from his office on the 20th of February, the car started showing multiple errors.

Soon after this, the owner of the car called the Tata Roadside Assistance and the dealership, and his car was then towed to the showroom. The next day, he was informed that there were some issues with the wiring of the car and it was creating a short circuit. For this, the dealership mentioned that they had to dismantle the entire dashboard and gearbox, and they have now fixed the problem. Following this, the car was delivered to him on the 24th of February. The owner then mentions that he patiently said to the dealership that they can keep the car if they want for longer to check for any other issues.

However, he stated that he was assured by the dealership that nothing would happen and his car is now fixed. So after hearing this, the owner took the car back, and to his misfortune, the same issue came once again when he was at a fuel station. The entire dashboard of the car lit up with numerous issues, and he could not turn on the car, and it had to be towed away once again to the dealership. The owner has mentioned that at the moment, the car is at the dealership, and no update has been provided to him.

Not the first incident

Brand new Tata Safari dismantled at dealership

The presenter in the video mentions that this is not the first incident that has happened with a Tata Safari facelift. He states that another Safari owner shared a video where his new Tata Safari facelift was showing an error with the memory seat function. He also highlighted another incident in which a newly delivered Safari facelift was facing a battery issue and an AC pipe leakage. He added that the same car also suffered from a problem in the rear connected LED taillight.

2-days old Tata Safari completely disassembled

2 day old tata safari dismantled

Apart from the above-mentioned, the worst case was reported just a few weeks ago. In this particular case, it was reported that a two-day-old Tata Safari facelift’s complete interior was dismantled. The owner mentioned that the car was facing multiple issues including music system volume-related problems, electrical short-circuiting, and a few others. The owner stated that he will be taking legal action against Tata Motors.

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