20 Best Office Watches 2023: Vibey Tickers for Every Type of Workplace

Like offices themselves, a lot about the best office watches has changed in the last few years. One thing, however, remains as true today as ever: What you wear on your wrist matters as much as any other element of your 9-to-5 uniform. Whether you work for a bank or a tech startup, whether you’re at your desk 40 hours a week or just show face on Zoom every Monday morning, the right watch will provide the perfect finishing touch to your workweek fits.

In an era when an office can be anything from a c-suite aerie to your cluttered bedroom, what makes a perfect “office watch” is equally open to interpretation. For more traditional workplaces, the right ticker is something with a leather strap (ideally black) and a clean analog dial to complement your best tailored fits. At a workplace with beanbag chairs, ping-pong tables, and kombucha on tap, something colorful, sporty, or vintage-inspired could be the right complement for corduroys, cardigans, and the rest of your fall work staples.

To make it easier to navigate this confusing terrain, we’ve assembled a surefire list of perfect timepieces at every price point—and for every type of office in the modern work ecosystem. Better still, any of the office watches below will look just as good on the weekend, too.

The Best Watches for Work, by Office Type:

The Serious Business Office

If your office dress code involves suits and leather-soled shoes, go traditional and understated with your wristwear, too.


Tissot Chemin des Tourelles watch

The Thrumming Creative Hub

When your job is coming up with outside-the-box ideas, make sure your watch is one of them.


Hermès Arceau Squelette Automatic watch

The Ultra-Casual Tech Startup

The more casual the dress code, the more fun you can have with your timepiece.


G-Shock 40th Anniversary watch

The Remote-Only Office

Whether your office is a coffee shop or the patio of an AirBnB in Portugal, pick a watch that’ll show up right on Zoom.


Swatch 1984 Reloaded watch


Momentum Sea Quartz 30 watch


Vaer G5 Meridian GMT watch

The Kind-Vibed Non-Profit

Watches with a little something extra for those aiming to do well by doing good.


Timex Waterbury Ocean watch


Seiko Prospex Ocean Conservation watch

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