20 Best Jewelry Gifts for Girlfriends 2024: Just Buy Her What She Wants

Finding the best jewelry gifts for girlfriends might sound incredibly vague and incredibly expensive, but *deep breath* it doesn’t have to be either. Sure, there’s no shortage of iced-out baubles on the market these days, but when it comes to gifting you can’t go wrong with the classics. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, perhaps accented by a hit of silver or ethically-sourced diamonds, are, as you might expect, perennial crowd-pleasers—and show no sign of loosing their luster any time soon.

The Best Jewelry Gifts for Girlfriends, by Price

Still drawing a blank on gift ideas? Don’t panic just yet. From gleaming bangles that double as anklets (a 2-for-1—that’s what we call boyfriend math) to statement-making hoop earrings and huggies, the collection of fine jewelry below will make her—and, frankly, you—remember why you’re the best beau on the planet. If most of this stuff isn’t on your significant other’s wishlist already, they’ll be thoroughly impressed with your elite taste.

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, there’s no time to waste in securing the perfect gift —unless you want to splurge on express shipping, or worse yet, show up with an IOU. (Don’t be the guy with the IOU.) So stop overthinking it and/or trying to guess her size: Just get her jewelry already and be done with it.

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The Best Under $100

Kendra Scott

Precious-looking gemstones that won’t make you precious about your credit score.

Justine Clenquet

Mismatched drip is a gift-giving match made in heaven.

Anna Luisa

Hi-shine, hi(ghly) pleased partner.

Monica Vinader

A dainty silver ring you’ll be temped to steal for your own beefy digits.

The Best Under $150


Looks good on and off the court (side).


Mini Annex Silver Chain Necklace

The humble silver chain might be unassuming, but it’s the foundation of any jewelry collection worth its weight in precious stones. Miansai makes just about the best version out there.

Monica Vinader

Can’t go wrong with a lil’ gold heart.


Forever more, forevers yours (to wear with as many fits as possible).

The Best Under $250

Wolf Circus

Sure, proffering gold and pearls for V-Day isn’t exactly groundbreaking—but it’s a great way to flex the taste levels she loves you for.

Hatton Labs

White Classic Pearl Bracelet

Not your mother’s pearls—but she’d approve anyway.

Tom Wood

M Curb-Chain Sterling-Silver Necklace

Jewelry for the person who is bling-adverse (but will gladly slip on this joint).

The Best Under $500


Set their heart ablaze with this intricate number made from 24k gold-plated bronze.

Le Gramme

7g Sterling-Silver Bracelet

You can’t fail with a simple cuff, and Le Gramme’s slender, silver wristlet is as simple as it gets—without veering into boring territory.

Clean Origin

Certified Round 4-Prong Studs

Diamond stud earrings they can wear with a guilt-free conscience.

David Yurman

Petite Chatelaine Bracelet

When you’re tough but want to show your softer side, add a pearly stone.

The Best Under $1,000


Puffy Charlotte Gemstone Ring

Save the diamond ring for another day and go and big(ger) with this blown-out version of the brand’s highly stackable best-seller.

Bernard James

Many grades above your average studs.


A charm with some weight to it.

Sophie Buhai

Carnelian Petite Boule Earrings

Paint the town red in these gloriously round baubles.

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