2 police officers get into fight and beat each other up in the middle of the road [Video]

The police department often makes its way into the headlines for various reasons. This time, we have a video of two police officers from Bihar who got into a fight with each other. They fought and beat each other using sticks in front of the public. A video of the incident has already gone viral, and the state police department has taken action against the officers for this irresponsible behavior. The incident took place in Bihar’s Nalanda district.

The video has been circulating online on various social media platforms. In this video, we can see two police officers fighting with each other on a public road. The officers were fighting in the middle of the road in broad daylight. We also see people gathered around the officers. The reason behind the fight is not clear; however, there are reports suggesting that the fight broke out over an argument, with one policeman accusing the other of taking a bribe in front of the public. It is not clear if it was just an accusation or if the officer took a bribe.

The argument soon escalated, and the officers started pushing each other and exchanging insults. The fight actually broke out among officers working for the Dial 112 division. The officers were stationed near a railway station, which comes under the Sohsarai police station. The 112 department is operated by the Patna police, but the officers are from the Nalanda police. Both officers are seen hitting each other on the road. The video was recorded by a person passing through the road. After some time, one of the officers rushed to the Mahindra Bolero (duty vehicle) and grabbed a stick. He tried to attack the other officer with the stick; however, the other officer blocked it.

police fighting on road

One of them even pushed the other after grabbing him by the neck. The locals who had gathered around the officers tried to separate them, but the officers did not listen to them. Some of them even warned that the department would take action against them and suspend them for their behavior. The officers ignored all these comments and continued fighting. After the incident, the video of the fight went viral on the internet. Nalanda police also came across the video and have initiated an investigation into this matter. The officers have been asked to return to the police center as the matter is being investigated. The department is most likely to take disciplinary action against both the officers and investigate the bribery allegation.

This is not the first time we have come across an incident like this. In the past, police officers have fought over simple matters. In 2019, a group of policemen from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, were caught fighting in a video over the front seat in the patrol vehicle. After the video went viral, the officers were suspended for their behavior. When it comes to the recent incident in Nalanda, the exact reason for the fight is still not known. However, such behavior by a police officer, especially on a public road, is not appreciated, as it leaves a bad image of the department in front of the public.

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