19 Jewelry Organization Ideas for Everything From Heirloom Pendants to Earring Holders

Think you don’t need jewelry organization? It doesn’t matter how many white-gold hoops you own —if you can’t see them easily, they might as well have been accidentally dropped down the drain. It’s one of the times where “out of sight, out of mind” is actually a bad thing. At some point, you forget you even owned that engraved signet ring your grandmother gave you. The meaning behind each piece can make it difficult to consolidate your collection and can create an overwhelming and unorganized stash. Jewelry can also be very fragile, so it’s crucial that delicate items, such as family heirlooms or dainty necklaces, are stored properly to avoid damage or tangling.

Here, AD turned to decluttering experts for 19 jewelry storage solutions and recommendations on how to organize all types of jewelry, trinkets to treasured pieces.

How do you organize your jewelry so it’s tidy and untangled?

We’ve all been there—using tweezers or safety pins to try and untangle the tiny knots in your necklaces. But no more. Lisa Jacobs, founder of Imagine It Done, an organization company in New York, recommends using wall-mounted decorative hooks as an organized and aesthetic way to display all your bracelets and necklaces. Want even more jewelry storage hacks? Read on for additional organization ideas and products to keep your most precious pendants and beloved baubles in order, whether you store them in your closet or display the bling on a dresser.

A display-worthy jewelry box

Palermo Large Jewelry Box

Obvious as it may seem, a jewelry box is the ideal place to start when it comes to jewelry storage ideas. So why not go with a real showstopper? A box covered in leather with golden hardware accents is timeless. Or consider a monogrammable chest to place front and center on your bedroom tabletop. Pottery Barn’s Stella jewelry boxes have a clear window that can be personalized with your initials.

A special place for your staples

The gems worn on a daily basis don’t get tucked into the main storage box each night. Instead, these trinkets, like everyday rings, necklaces, and earrings, get tossed on the nightstand, which can lead to chains getting tangled and earrings or earring backs being misplaced. Instead, Jamie Grunfeld, founder of the New York–based personalized organizing service Better than B4, advises putting a catch-all on your nightstand or the bathroom countertop to ensure the jewels are secure until the next morning. A small acrylic container or quartz box can do the trick.

Use stackable drawer organizers

3 Piece Jewelry Organizer Tray Set

If you have limited countertop space or can’t accommodate an entire armoire, use an empty drawer in your dresser or nightstand to store jewelry. Ann Lightfoot, cofounder of Done and Done Home in Montclair, New Jersey, recommends stackable drawer organizers to keep accessories out of sight and organized with dividers. You can even find stackers with compartments in different sizes and shapes, including those that are ideal for rings, earrings, necklaces, or watches.

A hanging organizer

BAGSMART Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Like a garment bag for your jewels, a hanging organizer has a hook at the top and can easily become part of your closet organization system. Either hang it from your closet rod or the back of a door. Individual, transparent pockets keep long necklaces separated, untangled, and easy to view.

Hooks to keep necklaces from tangling

11-Peg Acrylic Necklace Wall Rack

Brass Metal Wall Mounted Jewelry Box

For necklace lovers, knotted chains are a constant threat, and not only are they irritating, they can damage jewelry as well. Instead of letting necklaces tangle in boxes or pouches, use wall-mounted hooks to keep individual strands separate and safe. The Container Store stocks an especially convenient acrylic jewelry wall rack with 11 pegs. Or employ the CB2 wall rack that doubles as a necklace organizer and guarantees to keep your closet full of flair.

How do you organize a large amount of jewelry?

Before figuring out exactly how to store your jewelry, it’s crucial to decide which items you love and which ones you no longer need. That means you have to sort through what you have before you can tackle jewelry storage ideas. Grunfeld recommends tossing or repurposing any mismatched earrings, tarnished jewelry, or broken pieces that may be taking up valuable space. You can also donate trendy pieces to a thrift store and take meaningful pieces to a jeweler to be reset, if they no longer match your style. Once you declutter, decide on the jewelry display. Do you want some pieces on a wall-mounted fixture and others in stackable containers? Divide what you have into categories then work from there.

A jewelry cabinet

Brown Naithan Free-Standing Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Have a collection that couldn’t possibly fit inside a box? Lucky you! One of the easiest ways to tackle jewelry storage is to go with a jewelry cabinet or jewelry armoire. These standalone storage solutions have substantially more space, plus they often include mirrors, hangers for long necklaces, and earring organizers. This jewelry armoire from Wayfair has a ton of space and adds a simple bit of mid-century style to your room.

Store similar items together

“I like to put all my big statement earrings together, and then I have similar styles together. My rings that are bigger and colorful I placed together,” explains Paola Alberdi, the fashion-obsessed founder of the lifestyle blog Blank Itinerary. Store similar styles and color families together for easy access.

A tiered system

Whether you’re a traditionalist and prefer a jewelry box or you’re into a more sculptural vibe, a tiered storage system is key to saving space and staying organized. Go for vintage swiveling trays, modern stacking swivel trays, or round rotating storage. A tiered jewelry stand is also ideal for separating smaller pieces (like earring studs) at the top and larger pieces (like brooches) at the bottom.

Acrylic containers for the win

Clear Acrylic Small Stackable Trays

When you have a lot of jewelry it’s hard to get overwhelmed. Dividing everything into acrylic containers will prevent the headache of looking for something that goes with the rest of your outfit.

How do you store all jewelry?

Jewelry boxes are designed to keep all of your jewels secure, categorized, and easy to find when you’re looking to accessorize. They’ll keep your baubles “dust-free, visible, and safe,” Jacobs explains. They are also chic enough to be put on display or can be stored neatly in a closet, drawer, or even under your bed. You’ll also want to think about storage solutions when traveling or having to sort through your jewelry collection seasonally. For special-occasion stud earrings, pendants, fancy bracelets, and rings with a little extra bling, you don’t want to just mix them with the rest of the everyday accessories. For those pieces, look for specialty boxes and traveling cases.

A foldable jewelry case as a travel solution

BAGSMART Travel Jewelry Organizer Roll Foldable Jewelry Case

If you’re always on the go or have a smaller jewelry collection, Lightfoot suggests using a jewelry case as a compact, lightweight, and secure solution for storing a wide variety of accoutrements. These cases are great because they have a designated place for each style and are small enough to fit in your purse.

Fancy velvet

A plush velvet cushion is the perfect spot for your favorite pieces of jewelry. If you need another reason to place them on the luxe fabric, the velvety texture will keep your prized babies in place (especially if you stick stud earrings through the cushion fabric). No wandering earrings here!

How do I organize my jewelry DIY?

Alberdi is all about reconfiguring what you have. She suggests using storage compartments to fit the DIY jewelry organizer into drawers Tetris-style. You may have to get creative by implementing inserts, dividers, and acrylic jewelry holders of various sizes to not only fit inside of the drawer, but provide you with easy access. No one wants to open a zillion storage boxes while getting dressed in the morning. Alberdi focuses on the simple approach of separating rings, earrings, and necklaces into different sections. The system works so well, Alberdi’s husband will sneak cufflinks into the jewelry organization setup. Outside the dresser or closet, use pretty dishes as jewelry trays, and get creative with other random containers and hooks you have around the house. Before you know it, a vintage picture frame will turn into an earring holder.

Dish it out

Small Moon Jewelry Dish Tray

A shallow, patterned tray or ring dish helps corral everyday rings without calling too much attention. “It’s nice to just take them all off at the end of the day, throw them in there, and have them ready for the next day or whenever I want to wear them,” Alberdi notes. Any small trinket dish or jewelry tray will do, but if you’re on the hunt for a new one, the SweetGo moon-shaped jewelry dish looks great on a bedside table because it doesn’t take up too much room.

A jewelry stand as home decor

Some fashion pieces should be kept out on their own. Alberdi likes to display her gold dainty rings, so she can keep an eye out on each one. Displaying oft-used necklaces not only keeps them from getting tangled, it makes getting ready quick-and-easy. No need to search high and low for the coveted items. The best way to do that is to use a tabletop as a pedestal for pretty jewelry organizers, like this quirky cactus dish.

Catch-all with crystals

This jewelry organizer idea is on the creative side. Use crystals for more than harvesting positive energy and place a fave pair of earrings or stackable rings on a flat-top crystal for an aesthetically pleasing storage that may also bestow your jewelry with good vibes. Get the look with a chakra worry stone, which has a subtle groove that’s perfect for keeping small pieces in place. Or go with a more polished look and snag a hand-carved selenite trinket dish. For a boost of energetic vibrations, look no further than CB2 quartz storage box that works perfectly for a bracelet collection.

Dress up objects

Ikee Design Linen Necklace Bust

Another genius idea from Alberdi: Repurpose a cloth bust—the kind you might see in a jewelry store—to give a few of your favorite necklaces the spotlight. “It turned out to be a pretty cool and functional decor piece,” she says. Going the extra mile and spicing up home decor you already have with a few baubles will add flair and declutter the rest of your bedroom. Anything can be a DIY jewelry organizer.

Looking for more ways to get organized?

A huge part of interior design is simply getting your stuff organized. Everything in your home needs its own place, whether you’re a minimalist, anti-clutter, Marie Kondo–freak or a minimalist with more of an a Everything, Everywhere, All at Once approach (shout out to A24 stans). We think either strategy is just fine, but determining how to make the most of your home is key.

If your brain is a puzzle that constantly needs to be arranged, then arranged again, then one more time for good measure, check out our tips for an ADHD-friendly home, where we chat with experts in the field about keeping your space as clear as you wish your head was. Even if you’re not the obsessive type, you will probably unearth a tidbit you won’t ever forget.

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