19 Best No-Show Socks for Men in 2023: Bombas, Stance, Nike, and More

The best no-show socks for men should stay out of sight, out of mind, but very much on your feet. Sounds simple enough, right? And yet, we’ve all experienced the worst of what the genre has to offer—the ones that peek out in the back, lose their shape after a single wear, or worse yet, repeatedly slip off, landing smack in the middle of your shoe, just out of reach. You know the exact midday shimmy we’re talking about here: After deciding it’s not worth expending the energy (or shelving your pride) to adjust halfway down the block, you suck it up and swear off low-cut socks for good. Until now. Because to help you avoid the whole mortifying rigmarole, we rounded up nearly two dozen impeccable options to make you reconsider your expletive-laden oath.

The Best No-Show Socks Shopping Guide

But before we get to them, it’s important to note that not all low-profile socks are built the same. When picking your pack you want to look out for comfort, fit, and durability. Clog wearers will find respite in the cozy clutches of a lightweight cotton designed to let your feet breathe as temps continue to rise. The right pair for hitting the gym should be cushioned, moisture-wicking, and equipped with a superior heel grip to minimize slippage so you can maximize those sets. As for those who prefer to slip into a pair of buttery smooth loafers, a dressier pair—yes, no-show dress socks—crafted from ultra-fine cotton with seamless toes will keep your feet looking spiffy without adding any bulk.

All that’s to say, it can be hard to perfect the science behind the penultimate no-show; so, luckily, our favorites have done exactly that. Scroll on to get the lowdown on the 24 best no-show socks for men.

The Best No-Show Socks All-Around

Falke Cool 24/7 cotton-blend no-show socks

Doesn’t matter if you’re slipping into a fresh pair of white sneakers or the worn-in loafers you’ve had for years: Falke’s discreet no-shows will stay mercifully out of sight and out of mind. Crafted from a silky cotton-polyamide blend, they go a step above becoming invisible by pulling heat and moisture outward so your sweaty feet get a chance to cool off. Reinforced with silicone grips at the heel, these socks aren’t going anywhere—except out of stock.

The Best No-Show Socks on a Budget

fruit of the loom

Fruit of the Loom no-show socks (12-pack)

If you like to buy things in bulk (socks included), Fruit of the Loom’s 12-pack of cushy, moisture-wicking no-shows won’t disappoint—but might enable the worst of your hoarding tendencies. The poly blend makes for a stellar moisture-wicking defense while the extra cushioning in the sole will give your feet a boost when you’ve been hitting the pavement for hours on end.

The Best No-Show Socks for Hardcore Gym Rats


Ten Thousand no-show training sock

Ten Thousand’s tech-laden no-shows are made with silver-ion threads to eliminate odor-producing bacteria and compression ribbing to improve circulation on the mat. A breathable mesh upper allows for extra ventilation when you hit your stride, while expertly placed cushioning keeps you standing upright.

The Best No-Show Socks for Dressier Days


Pantherella Footlet cotton-blend shoe liners

Pantherella, the storied UK-based hosiery operation, has established a reputation for churning out dress socks in top-shelf fabrics. To absolutely no one’s surprise, they make a pretty mean pair of no-shows, too. These footlets are designed to fit like a second skin, so you’ll forget you have them on (and won’t be reminded by any untimely bunching or balling).

The Best No-Show Socks for Warmer Weather


RoToTo “Washi” pile short sock

Taste the rainbow? Please. Why not wear it? These technicolor washi socks aren’t just pretty–they’re made from a soft, cotton-hemp blend that promises to keep your feet nice and dry from now through September. Slip these on while the sun is shining and you’ll never fear a meltdown below the ankles.

Plus 13 More No-Shows We Love

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