19 Best Leather Biker Jackets for Men 2023: Stylish Motos to Rev Up Your Wardrobe

You don’t need a motorcycle—or even a motorcycle license, for that matter—to wear one of the best leather biker jackets for men. It’s something that everyone should own at least once in their lifetime, because no single item of clothing can kick your confidence and charisma up a notch quite like a great leather moto. From the skintight downtown cool of the Ramones to the steely grit of Arnold in The Terminator, the leather biker jacket comes imbued with an aura of gasoline-soaked bravado you just can’t get anywhere else.

But what separates the absolute best leather biker jackets from the rest of the pack? It all comes down to material. The last thing you want is to be the guy in the squeaky, cheapo leather—you want a jacket so supremely well-made and recognizably luxe that it looks like it’ll long outlive you. You want full-grain leathers, the richest of suedes, and vegan leather substitutes that won’t do more harm to the earth than the genuine article. That’s exactly what you’ll find on this list. Whether you’re after a Brando-esque classic, a far-out spin, or something in between, we’ve got 19 of the absolute best leather biker jackets for men right here and ready for the taking.

The Best Leather Biker Jackets Shopping Guide

The Real-Deal Original Pick


’50s oil tanned cowhide leather moto jacket

When you hear the words “motorcycle jacket,” this is the one you picture. Schott invented the leather motorcycle jacket in 1928, near the dawn of the modern motorcycle itself, and has been making the quintessential version ever since. The New York label’s iconic Perfecto jacket—the very moto Brando wore in The Wild One—is as practical as it is handsome: the asymmetrical zip allows for one-handed use while riding; the collar snaps keep them from flapping in the wind; the angled chest pocket is large enough to hold a map; the cuff zippers and waist belt help keep the elements out; the bi-swing shoulders allow for a full range of motion. Add in Schott’s signature heavy-duty steerhide, and you’ve got yourself a jacket built to last decades—if not longer—and never once feel out of style.

The Modern Grail Pick

Back in 2013, in his very first collection for Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane absolutely nailed the designer biker jacket. His updated take on Schott’s Perfecto style was slick and streamlined and all kinds of luxe, and it instantly found legions of famous fans, from Daft Punk to Jeff Goldblum. When Slimane took the reigns at Celine in 2018, he brought the silhouette with him and improved it even further: the cut is a touch more relaxed and classic, the calfskin is rich and lush, the hardware is gleaming and heavyweight and tough as all hell.

The Outlaw Pick

Vanson Leathers

Bones flat-track motorcycle leather jacket

We’ve written before about this legendary jacket’s badass credentials—how it was once nearly banned from competitions by the American Motorcyclist Association, and how it went on to directly influence the likes of Supreme and Kapital. But what truly makes it special is, ahem, in the bones. Vanson still crafts all of its jackets by hand in its Fall River, Massachusetts workshop, which means a highly-skilled craftsperson single-handedly sews on each intricate detail of the skeleton with exacting precision. It takes a whole lot of time and effort to look this impossibly mean.

The Bang-For-Your-Buck Pick

Buck Mason’s Bruiser jacket might sound tough, but its supple, lightweight lambskin outer actually lands it among the easiest to break in and wear on this list. This relatively affordable banger has been specially tanned and dyed to keep getting better with age: over the years, a beautiful brown patina will slowly reveal itself beneath the black top layer. The silhouette takes cues from vintage classics like the Schott Perfecto, but it’s cut just a tad longer for a more modern fit.

The Green-In-Every-Sense Pick

This jacket is as green as it gets—and we’re not just talking about the alluring color. It’s made from organically-grown cactus plants, a far eco-friendlier option than the polyurethane (read: plastic) textiles that are often branded as “vegan leather.” The result is a durable material that is remarkably similar to leather, with a buttery hand and soft, pliable feel. To top it off right, Deadwood also fashioned the silky smooth lining from recycled plastic bottles. If you’re looking for a jacket that’ll make you feel as good inside as it does out, this is the way to go.

Plus 14 More Biker Jackets We Love

Banana Republic

If you’re looking for a year-round leather jacket that can handle whatever the seasons throw at you, look no further. This sleek number features soft quilted lining to keep you warm when temps start to drop, but comfortably cool long before that.

Nili Lotan

“Alex” leather biker jacket

With its boxy fit, wide lapels, and shiny silver hardware, this jacket is a little more Ramones than Greasers—and guaranteed to get the party started.


Shake things up with this burly, bitonal jacket by fashion provocatuer Lu’u Dan. With its roomy, curved sleeves kitted out with eye-catching patches and silky satin lining the main body, it’s made for the guy who can talk his way around bikes and the finest craft bars downtown with equal fervor.

Acne Studios

“Nate” clean leather jacket

Keep it clean, by which we mean, nice and simple with this classic biker jacket.

Tom Ford

Plongé leather cafe biker jacket

This buttery soft jacket has all the classic biker detailing—zip cuffs, stand collar—with subtle twists like a D-ring snap closure to give you that extra needed edge over the next leather-clad gent.

Taylor Stitch

Being a tough guy is cool and all, but it can exhausting full time. If you’ve entered your soft era and a leather jacket feels a little too rough around the edges, opt for a suede cut like this handsome jacket from Taylor Stitch.


“V Racer” 2.0 leather jacket

With their bad boy exterior, leather jackets are often presumed to be low-maintenance—but that’s not always the case. If you’re looking to wear yours rain or shine, do yourself a favor and get a water-resistant piece like this one right here.


The perforated exterior may not cool you down per se, but it will keep you looking cool, if you catch our drift.

Our Legacy

If only all our demons looked this good.

Black Sign

Block out the wind and the haters with this retro-inspired jacket that pays homage to 1930s gents, athletes, and everyone in-between.

Fine Creek Horsehide

Some jackets age well over time, and some age downright beautifully. This vegetable tanned horsehide jacket was meticulously dyed using a teacore method, which gives it an enviable rustic patina from the jump.


Faux leather motorcycle jacket

The leather may be faux, but the style is real.

Thursday Boot Co.

A real-deal suede jacket that won’t shatter your bank account.

Himel Bros.

Kensington cafe racer jacket

Himel Bros’ Kensington model borrows its throwback good looks from a rare ’30s-era jacket. It’s also built custom for you, so you can choose your own leather, lining, hardware, and more.

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