18-year old builds tiny Rolls Royce inspired car on Maruti 800 [Video]

Replica cars are a phenomenon in India and around the world. We’ve come across several videos in the past where garages have constructed replicas of supercars, luxury sedans, and SUVs. This is often done as a project to showcase their customization skills. Many of these workshops are even renowned for such custom projects. Some of these replicas look very well-done, while others are not executed very effectively. In this video, we have an 18-year-old boy from Kerala who built a miniature Rolls Royce luxury sedan using a Maruti 800 hatchback.

The video has been uploaded by Tricks Tube, hosted by Fazil Basheer, on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger speaks to a youngster from Kerala’s Thrissur district who actually crafted a tiny Rolls Royce replica at home. The name of the kid who built this Rolls Royce is Hadif from the Kodungallur region. Hadif is passionate about cars and has previously built a miniature Jeep powered by a motorcycle engine during the pandemic. His latest creation is, in fact, a Rolls Royce replica based on the Maruti 800.

The Rolls Royce is Hadif’s dream car, and when someone he knew offered him an old, non-functional Maruti 800 for his project, he didn’t have to think twice. The Maruti 800 was not in working condition, and the owner generously gave it to Hadif for this project. Hadif’s father has also been a significant supporter of his projects, often funding most of these customization works. It took them several months to complete this project due to occasional funding shortages.

Regarding the car itself, Hadif completely overhauled the front end of the Maruti 800. The original bonnet and fenders were all removed, and he constructed a new metal frame to install the new panels. He had designed and measured everything before commencing the work. He used metal sheets, cutting them to fit the car precisely. These panels were then welded to the car’s body. The young man did his best to give the Maruti 800 a Rolls Royce-like appearance from the front.

Rolls Royce replica

The large grille, sleek headlamps, and bumper may remind you of a Rolls Royce. In terms of the side profile, the car retains the stock 800 steel rims with wheel covers. The original 800 doors are still in place, but at the rear, Hadif made some modifications. The hatchback now features an extended boot designed to resemble a Rolls Royce. While it’s not the most polished example, it’s quite impressive for a car designed by an 18-year-old with limited resources. The taillights on this car are from the Maruti 800. Hadif mentions that the “Spirit of Ecstasy” ornament on his Rolls Royce replica was crafted by a local artist near his home. The work on this car is not yet complete.

The interior of this car remains unaltered. It still has the original Maruti 800 steering wheel, while the seats were sourced from a BMW through a friend. The dashboard and steering wheel are finished in a brown shade, while the exterior is predominantly white with a black bonnet. Hadif states that he intends to build more such replicas and cars in the future. While it might not be the best-looking Rolls Royce replica out there, the effort put into this project is truly commendable. Considering it was built by an 18-year-old for a cost of Rs 45,000, it looks remarkably neat.

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