18 Best Polo Shirts for Men, 2024: Lacoste, Todd Snyder, & More

The Legacy-Defining Polo

Polo Ralph Lauren

Custom Fit Mesh Polo Shirt

No designer has done more to bolster the polo’s pedigree than New York’s very own Ralph Lauren, the Americana obsessive who scaled the highest echelons of the schmatte business off the strength of his pristine shirting alone. 50 years after its debut, the brand’s reputation-making polo shirts (cut from a luxe pima cotton fabric, adorned with the now-iconic pony on the chest) still set the standard. The slim-fit polo is a staple, but Ralph makes classic fit polos that sync up well with baggier pants. Not only that, the polos come in every color under the sun, but the crisp white OG version will help you carve out a legacy of your own—as the slickest dresser around.

The OG Polo


Short Sleeve Classic Chine Polo Shirt

Would this be a proper polos list without Lacoste? Famed French tennis player René Lacoste invented the polo as a way to blend performance with good style. Nearly a century later, the brand is still around (not bad for starting with just a shirt, right?) and the polo is as popular as ever, well beyond its origins on the tennis court. Today, the signature design still features the short button placket with that elegant collar, ribbed sleeves and hem, and that iconic cotton pique fabric that’s both sturdy and soft as well as surprisingly breathable. In other words, they’re still doing it better than most.

The Surprisingly Affordable Dupe Polo

Abercrombie & Fitch

Plisse Johnny Collar Sweater Polo

Call it the Ripley effect or chalk it up to camp shirt fatigue, but knit polos—especially retro-leaning, stripe-y styles—are everywhere right now. A lot of our favorite versions cost a pretty penny, but riding the new wave of La Dolce Vita-drenched style doesn’t have to mean dropping big money. Luckily, Abercrombie—a brand riding a revival wave of its own as of late—dove headfirst into the trend this season, offering up a version of what they dub “sweater polos” for around 60 bucks. This version feels incredibly worthy of a mid-century Jazz album cover, paired with some wide, pleated slacks, swanky loafers, and an ice-cold old fashioned.

The Best Performance Polo


72-Hour Merino Polo Shirt

You expect certain things out of a performance polo, but you wouldn’t guess that it would be made of merino wool. It’s counterintuitive, but merino wool is actually a great material for high-performance activities. It’s naturally sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and way softer than you think and Proof’s 72-hour Merino Polo Shirt is—ahem—proof positive. It’s surprisingly silky, properly stretchy (without the use of spandex), and is as moisture-wicking and odor-blocking as the best synthetic joints. They’re also sun-protective with a UPF 30+ rating so while you might get smoked on the tennis court, you won’t get burnt. And don’t worry—you can even throw these it in the washing machine.

The Celebrity-Loved Polo


Percival x Ilaria Diamond Knitted Polo

If you’ve noticed a hell of a lot of Percival around lately, you can thank celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati, who’s dressed many an A-lister in the British label’s heart-throb-worthy polos. Her collab with the brand leans into retro details like a tipped collar and sleeve cuffs, a subtle argyle knit into the fabric, and a tasty espresso color. That said, Urbinati and Percival have made a handful of styles, each one as handsome as the next. The best part is you, don’t need to star in a blockbuster to get Urbinati’s star-making styling.

The Swanky, Sultry Upgrade Polo

Banana Republic

Stokke Cashmere-Silk Sweater Polo

Banana Republic

Stokke Cashmere-Silk Sweater Polo

If you’re out to impress a date and need the right look to pair with your martini, Banana Republic’s Stokke polos are a great choice. They’re made from a luxe blend of cashmere and silk, which gives both looks suave and gives the shirts an elegant drape for maximum elegance. Whatever Stokke polo variation you go with—Banana Republic makes them long- and short-sleeved, with buttons and without (let the chest breathe!)—will make a sport coat look doubly debonair or happily go solo with a pair of retro high-waisted trousers and some loafers.

The No Buttons, No Problem Polo


Mouliné Cotton Polo Shirt

Think of the open-collar polo as the shirt equivalent of kicking back with your arms behind your

head, soaking up an achingly beautiful sunset while you ignore whatever work shenanigans are going down in your inbox. Stòffa’s Mouliné polo takes that joie de vivre and filters it through an elegant light charcoal melange and an impossibly rakish silhouette befitting of old Hollywood’s most dapper leads.

Plus 11 More Polo Shirts We Love


Ribbed Wool And Cashmere-Blend Polo Shirt

COS’ skilled hand at minimalist designs makes the British brand an easy default for building a wardrobe that never looks bad, and this thick polo is proof. Relaxed but not sloppy, simple but not boring, it’ll slot in as seamlessly with a pair of pressed trousers or play off some cargo shorts. Though $135 isn’t the cheapest price tag, the versatility and high quality make it worthwhile.


Johnny-Collar Sweater Polo Shirt

Madewell’s made a splash in recent seasons thanks to the appointment of menswear guru Aaron Levine and this polo is just a taste. It’s mega-relaxed fit is befitting of some baggy chinos and some thrashed canvas sneakers, and the textural waffle knit recalls classic pique polo shirts while giving it a bit more structure.


Cashmere collared sweater-polo

Time heals all wounds. Cashmere cures all fashion ills.

Todd Snyder

Relaxed Stripe Montauk Polo

Inspired by vintage rug patterns, Todd Snyder’s rakishly relaxed Montauk polo is the kind of piece you want to take with you on a well-deserved sunny vacation. Not necessarily to Montauk—though we’d absolutely wear this for sunset oysters and beers at Duryea’s.

Wales Bonner

You think you know a polo shirt, but then Wales Bonner shows up to remind you that it can get even cooler. Her rendition blends football (the Kylian Mbappé kind), ‘70s swagger, and the designer’s Caribbean heritage for something that’s somehow immediately classic and magnetically fresh.


Some of you have embraced on the mesh mesh movement with open arms and freed nipples. Some of you are still nervous. If you’re in the latter group, think of this as your beach-to-bar shirt for your next getaway. And maybe think of that getaway as being in Italy.

Karu Research

x Throwing Fits Cotton Polo Shirt

From hand-dyed patterns to painstakingly-applied embroidery and hand-loomed fabrics, Karu Research’s artisanal approach makes its presence known in the best way possible. You can see all the stunning work in this polo, with its chunky cotton knit and cheeky take on a traditional chevron weave.

Eckhaus Latta

Eckhaus Latta is a fixture of the downtown NYC scene, and its polo shows why: sporty contrast ribbing and piping details are built to work outlandishly baggy jeans as part of the ongoing ‘90s revival. Though the enamel snaps and knit construction are reminders that this isn’t something you could get off the rack at Abercrombie back in the day, before hitting up Auntie Anne’s.


Plated Short Sleeve Button Down

For a brand that’s got well-dressed normals in a chokehold, Corridor actually infuses a fair amount of lowkey freaky pieces in every collection. Case in point, this short-sleeve full-placket polo. It’s knit in such a way that gives the body a two-toned moire sort of effect. It’s the perfect way to subvert the classic polo while Trojan-horsing some head-turning details into it.

Alex Mill

Washed out, but not washed up! Alex Mill’s pitch perfect polo has a ton of slubby texture and a vintage garment wash that gives it that been-around-the-block feel.


Rene Lacoste might be rolling in his grave looking at this ultra chunky wool polo, but we’re head over heels.

Polo Shirt FAQs

How to choose the right polo

The key to selecting the right polo for a specific occasion largely comes down to fit and fabric. If you’re in the market for a polo that skews more casual, either bigger (boxy and loose) or smaller (pec-grazing and bicep-hugging) work fine. Any event that requires some cursed variation of office- or wedding-appropriate attire almost definitely demands a less dramatic fit. Smoother cottons look more elegant than heavily textured cotton. For extra oomph, a knit polo cut from a hardy-but-soft wool—or even an extremely ritzy cashmere—will keep the chill at bay and help you look handsome-as-hell in the process.

What is the best material for polo shirts?

There’s no best material overall—but some work for better situations than others. If you’re after a polo that will perform on the golf course or on the tennis court, you’ll want something that’s lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, likely made out of some kind of synthetic material or a poly-cotton blend. Lightweight merino wool polos are also a great natural performance material. Though definitely don’t be the guy wearing his golf polos outside the fairways.

Pique polo shirts are the most classic version of the genre—think of the slightly rough fabric on the basic Lacoste polo, and that’s pique. That texture keeps the fabric from sticking to the skin and allows for better air flow, making it a great option for the warmer months. It can read as a bit casual, though, if you’re on the job.

And you can now find polos in damn near any knit, from merino to cashmere to mohair and beyond. You’ll often find the weird, wilder stuff made from knits. Why?

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