17 Best Trench Coats for Men 2023: The Slickest Way to Battle Rainy Weather

A century after they first saw action on the battlefield, the best trench coats for men haven’t evolved all that much. (Hey, if it ain’t broke…) These days, though, even the most classic versions have received minor facelifts: the silhouettes are a little slimmer, the colors a little more varied, and the overall design inspiration a little less literal.

In 2023, the trench coat is no longer the only respectable foul-weather jacket on the market, but it remains one of the coolest looking ways to stay dry when the forecast predicts drizzly skies, brisk winds, and a high chance of big fits. These are our favorites available right now, each one ready and willing to wade into the muck and fight tirelessly by your side, whether you’re battling the dude at Whole Foods for the last bunch of broccolini or your insufferable colleague Ted (hi, Ted!) for that promotion.

The Best Trench Coat From the Brand That Did it First

Burberry “Kensington” Trench Coat

Burberry’s legendary trench isn’t just made from water-resistant gabardine cloth—it’s made from water-resistant gabardine cloth the brand literally invented way back in 1879. Nearly 150 years later, the company still sells the Platonic ideal of the form, complete with all the traditional fixings you’d expect to find on a coat that refuses to go out of style: the khaki color, the epaulets, the double-breasted silhouette, and in Burberry’s case, the unmistakable check pattern, a flex that says you know your menswear history and are willing to shell out top dollar to own a piece of it.

The Best Trench Coat Your Old Man Swears By

London Fog Iconic Trench Coat

For a long time, London Fog was to raincoats what Kleenex was to tissues. There’s a decent chance that someone in your family owned one of the brand’s ubiquitous trenches, but if they didn’t, it’s not too late to rectify their mistake: the brand still makes one of the best value options on the market, with all the hallmarks of the genre you remember from your grandad’s version, including a cozy wool liner you’d be hard-pressed to find on alternatives ten times the price.

The Best Trench Coat for Your Buck

We’ve said it and we’ll keep saying it: J.Crew is on a helluva tear, with designer Brendon Babenzien leading the 40-year-old brand back to the mall menswear mountaintop. Every new drop brings more must-haves, yet this slightly oversized trench coat stays locked near the top of that list. Ditching the epaulets of your grandad’s trench for raglan sleeves (the kind that start at the collar) modernizes everything a little, but the traditional belt remains to keep your Oxford shirts and slouchy blazers protected from the elements.

The Best Trench Coat for Titans of Industry

The Row

“Django” Padded Trench Coat

The Row fuses stealth wealth values—no branding, luxury materials, eye-popping prices, an IYKYK air—into some of the most deeply-coveted, elegantly minimalist clothes on the market. Where the brand’s supple cashmere sweaters and flow-y Italian-made trousers seem tailored, literally, for sipping Dom on a Monaco-moored yacht, the Row’s trench coat is legitimately practical. Its Prada-esque technical minimalism comes by way of a water-resistant poly fabric with a water-resistant treatment, but the light padding turns it back into a Row-style eye-catcher. This trench isn’t cheap, but that’s the price you pay to stay warm, dry, and a step ahead in the style game.

The Best Trench Coat for Minimalists

Mfpen’s Scandinavian minimalism is on full display with a trench that strips away almost everything—epaulets, shoulder flaps, a belt—to create a look that stands out because it’s so pared down. Hell, the designers even desaturated the usual tan to a barely-there cream color. An on-point oversized fit that’s just this side of billowing is built for pairing with Mfpen’s oversized button-ups and baggy jeans, but is also the quickest way to dress up your hoodies and sweats on a dreary Sunday.

The Best Trench Coat for Swaggering Francos

Saint Laurent

Coated Cotton-Canvas Trench Coat

Most trenches are designed as function-first staples meant to fly under the radar. But Saint Laurent asks: what if you want to stay dry but not humble? In designer Anthony Vaccarello’s hands, glossy coated cotton and a trim double-breasted fit turn into a Blade Runner glam trench that puts the slick in “rain slicker.” It pairs well with anything, but especially an all-black fit and broody mood while walking a misty town under hazy neon lights.

Plus 14 More Trench Coats We Love

Charles Jeffery

The rain’s your runway.

Nike x Martine Rose

What do you get when British-American designer superstar Martine Rose teams up with Nike? A trench with a little something extra up its sleeves. (Specifically, a built-in scarf.)

Ralph Lauren

Lightweight Cotton-Blend Trench Coat

We looked up “trenchcoat” in the dictionary and it was just a link to Ralph’s version.

Nili Lotan

Nili Lotan imported the traditional trench into Photoshop, dialed up the saturation, sized up the epaulets and collar by 10%, and hit “save” on a coat that stands out for being just a little bit more brazen.


In a word: riveting.

Snow Peak

Fire-Resistant Stretch Coat

Not even the flame resistant fabric can protect against the fire fits you’ll be cooking up in this jacket all season long.

Todd Snyder

If your average trench coat has any fatal flaw, it’s a lack of cranium coverage. This number from Todd Snyder remedies that while still retaining the traditional trench coat look courtesy of houndstooth fabric that’ll still be just as sharp over a suit as it will a hoodie.

Low Classic

Adouble collar and a gray the color of the clouds overhead set you apart from puddle-dodging masses.


Baracuta’s cropped G9 is a British-as-hell outerwear icon—the stuff of menswear moodboard legends. But you’ll be glad you grabbed the director’s cut G12 when the sky lets loose.

Frankie Shop

We’ve preached a “bigger is better” mantra in pants (and jeans, and chinos) for a while now. Same goes for anyone looking to break out of a rut on the trench coat front, too.

Mackintosh “St. Andrews” Double-Breasted Trench Coat

Any trench with a made in the U.K. pedigree is going to be built to stand up to dreary conditions, but Mackintosh’s comes backed by nearly two centuries’ worth of weather-busting prowess.


Perfectly trim fit, hidden placket, clean cotton make, and not a single unnecessary frill to be found: trench coats don’t come much sleeker than this.

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