17 Best Black Jeans for Men in 2023: Polished Denim From Levi's, Rick Owens, and Wrangler

There’s no denying the range that blue jeans offer. Any situation, any style—they can do it all. They’re the Denzel of pants. But the best black jeans for men can do just about anything blue jeans can do—and sometimes even better. Classic American straight-leg jeans, workwear-inspired Japanese selvedge denim, trendy printed joints—all of the best men’s jeans look absolutely stellar when you turn on dark mode. Whether your wardrobe skews punk rock or preppy, minimalist or maximalist, the right pair of black jeans are the perfect foundation for building big fits.

The Best Black Jeans Shopping Guide

But what are the right black jeans for you? Are they pitch black and pressed, or washed and thrashed? Are they slim-cut or wide-leg? Crisp and light or heavy and fuzzy? For such a simple garment, there are more spins on black denim out there than there are flavors at Baskin-Robbins. So we did the hard work for you and rounded up all of the ones that matter—the very best black jeans for men to buy right now.

The Best Pound-for-Pound Black Jeans

There’s no beating the Levi’s 501. Not in indigo, not in white, and definitely not in black. It’s the blueprint for the entire denim universe as we know it—a trendproof, universally flattering standard bearer—thanks to its perfect mid-rise and classic straight-leg silhouette.

The Best Dressy Black Jeans

Looking for a dressier pair of jeans that can hang on a dinner date? Uniqlo’s team-up with Helmut Lang has you covered. The collaboration revives the Austrian label’s infamous jeans from the ’90s with their streamlined straight fit and minimalist aesthetic. The denim is as black as night, the branding and hardware are as minimal as can be, and the fit is slick, tailored, and absolutely begging to be paired with a blazer and some Chelsea boots.

The Best Cowboy Cut Black Jeans


0936 Cowboy Cut slim fit jean

Wrangler’s Cowboy cut jeans are the iconic bootcut jeans. Hell, they’re probably the jeans that come to mind when you think of cowboy jeans. The steel indigo colorway will remain undefeated, but the solid black colorway is the dark horse option you should definitely have in your roster when you want to feel more like a rockstar. They’ll look great with a generous stack at the hem over some chunky boots and a denim shirt, but will also clean up real good with a clean break and some slick dancing shoes and an appropriately sheer shirt.

The Best Indie Black Jeans

You’ve got to really bring something to the table if you want to stand out in a sea of jeans. Whether that’s artisanal selvedge denim, trippy accoutrements, out-of-this-world silhouettes, or, honestly, a cool pocket. Carson Wach seems to have it all without going overboard: serious selvedge denim, top-tier craftsmanship, dialed-in fits, and an eye-catching signature pocket. The jeans are made in the US, but come with a respectable price tag that would make any other high-end brand look a bit silly.

The Best Baggy Black Jeans

Pleats aren’t just for stuffy (but stylish!) old men anymore. On a pair of jeans, they’re an unexpected detail that adds elegance and volume—the latter of which is great for trying to land tre flips. This perfectly slouchy, relaxed take from Noah is cut from crisp, heavyweight Japanese denim that’ll break in like a charm the longer you wear ’em.

The Best Denimhead-Approved Black Jeans


CS-220x classic straight jean

For the real heads that enjoy the finer, more rarefied things in life, it’s raw selvedge denim or nothing. It’s all about the fades, baby! And you can still get those sweet fades with the right pair of black jeans. Cue New York City-based denim stalwart 3sixteen and its hefty 14.5-ounce double black denim. The crispy fabric is woven in Japan exclusively for 3sixteen and features a black warp and weft that ages like fine wine and will garner more approving head nods with every wear.

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Plus 10 More Black Jeans We Love

Glenn’s Denim

GD111 slim straight 13 oz selvedge denim jeans

Over the course of several decades, Glenn Liburd mastered the craft of denim, working for every major denim brand, heading up Levi’s bespoke jeans program—even spending some time on Savile Row. His namesake brand carries that insane pedigree with it and is a perfect amalgamation of artistry, craftsmanship, and soul.


The Needles H.D. pants have a serious cult following that has cemented them as a core product in the brand’s canon. They’re as big as those parachute tents from grade school and just about as comfortable. So if you’re looking to get absolutely swallowed by your jeans, look no further.


No matter how you pronounce their name, these contrast stitch jeans from Dickies offer some zest in a world of somber black denim without forgoing the brand’s reputation for hardwearing goods.

Carhartt WIP

Double knee warriors, baggy jean Stans, rejoice.


The 1991 straight-leg jean

Madewell’s revamp fortunately didn’t do away with the already-great denim upon which the brand built its reputation. Instead, Madewell leaned into its denim heritage and has been using solid fabrics and materials with modern washes and silhouettes to make jeans that are truly the best of the past and the present.

Eckhaus Latta

To stand out in the jeans world, you either need a cool gimmick, or, you know, just distinctive rear pockets. Eckhaus Latta makes some of the most interesting rear pockets out there, but the addition of super soft yet sturdy denim, and a satisfyingly wide leg, makes them more than just a pretty pocket.

Abercrombie & Fitch

The 501 might be the most popular jean out there, but one man’s straight fit is another man’s skinny. For the thick-thigh’d dudes who need a little more room for their tree trunks, Abercrombie & Fitch’s Athletic straight jeans are ideal. They’ve got the real estate where your gams need it but with a classic straight leg below the knee—so you can get that iconic 501 silhouette without a vice grip on your thighs.


It doesn’t get much more artisanal than Tender’s wildly esoteric jeans, a double-patty beefy denim that’s naturally died with pigments derived from iron.

Todd Snyder

Relaxed fit selvedge jean

Todd Snyder may not be known for his denim so much as his impeccable tailoring and hot-as-hell polos. But the menswear maven knows exactly what he’s doing, which makes his denim offering a seriously slept-on secret. These selvedge jeans have a gently washed black color with subtle fading, and come in three different fits ranging from slim to straight to relaxed.

Rick Owens

Geth organic-cotton wide-leg jeans

Contrary to what you might think, Rick Owens is actually a bit of a denimhead, except he likes his blue jeans, well, black. The Geth jeans are a bit more subtle than his other wacky trousers, which also makes them the most approachable. They’re super wide with a high rise and are crafted in Italy with slick, all-cotton denim.

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