15 Best Slip-On Sneakers for Men 2023: Easy-Wearing Shoes Perfect for Summer

The best slip-on sneakers for men are more chilled-out than a Whole Foods produce section. First and foremost—they don’t have laces! By simply doing away with that stuffy formality, they become shoes you can wear whenever (and with whatever) you want: chinos and jeans if your office skews relaxed, wild-style track pants when you’re running to grab the last bunch of beefsteak tomatoes from said produce section, or a killer swimsuit on your next trip to the beach. Their low-profile design ensures easy styling when you’ve got better things to think about—like, say, finding the perfect patch of sand to plant your beach chair. 

But not all slip-on sneakers for men lean as casual as you might expect. Looking to dress down your summer tailoring? Chances are there’s a buttery-soft, made-in-Italy version with your name on it, and chances are it’s on this list. (Still don’t think you can wear them with a suit? Just ask Frank Ocean.) Below are 15 GQ-approved pairs available to buy right now, each one expressly designed to send your lace-ups the way of the dodo—and help you conquer the post-work grocery rush while your competitors are still untying their dress shoes.

The Best Slip-On Sneakers Shopping Guide

The All-Around Best Slip-On Sneakers

Vans classic checkerboard slip-on sneakers

What do surfers, punk rockers, and Frank Ocean all have in common? An undying love for Vans slip-ons, the ne plus ultra of the genre since the brand introduced them in the late ‘70s.​​ Five years ago, we dubbed the checkerboard version one of the best slip-on sneakers ever made, and it’s hard to see that honorific going up for grabs any time soon. Affordable, widely available, and effortlessly, undeniably cool, they’re title-holders for a reason—and if you want to make like Frank, a fresh pair is still one of the easiest ways to imbue a suit with a touch of laid-back SoCal swagger.

The Outdoors-Ready Slip-On Sneakers


Merrell jungle moc sneakers

Just because you’re heading out into the wilderness doesn’t mean you need to lace-up like a park ranger. Merrell is no stranger to advanced summertime shoes, but the brand’s Jungle Mocs (yes, those Jungle Mocs) are as functional as they are swerve-y. They’re designed with the same kind of features as your best hiking boots but without all the bulk, so you can bring a little bit of cool-guy cred to your next camping trip. If all that sounds like a bit much, chill out: you can also rock ’em to grab a $6 latte when you’re back in the city.

The Old-School Slip-On Sneakers

Layer 1

Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Star Slip-On sneakers

What, you might ask, is the difference between these guys and the Chucks you’ve been wearing since high school? Not much, it turns out—but look closely and you’ll notice that those shiny lil’ eyelets are entirely sans their usual laces. Aside from that, though, these slip-on-ified versions of the iconic court shoe boast the same legendary details and goes-with-everything silhouette you already know and love, minus the grueling labor of actually lacing and unlacing them each time you run out the door. Like the convertible version of your favorite sports car, they take something already cool and make it more summer-y. What more can you ask for?

The Cool-Guy Slip-On Sneakers

Layer 2

Fear of God “The California XL” Slip-On Sneakers

Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God expertly merges stripped back elegance with an inimitable dose of West Coast cool. Over the last few years, the designer has perfected the ultra-luxe hoodie, rebranded joggers as pants you actually want to be caught in, and released a slew of sneaker-inspired slip-ons that look beamed in from straight from the future. The California is crafted from a super light foam that won’t weigh you down or make your feet sweat (there’s a discreet inner vent for additional airflow to make sure that doesn’t happen). Slip ‘em on before making your rounds for the day—whether that’s a park hang, brunch downtown, or a low-key daytime premiere—and never look back. 

The Right-Now Slip-On Sneakers

Layer 3

New Balance M2002R Sneaker Mule

Sure, these are technically mules, not true-blue slip-ons. But if you’re still clinging to your old-school lace-ups, backless versions of them abound. The best of the bunch might be New Balance’s 2002r, which reimagines the brand’s latest hit sneaker in a very summer-ready silhouette. It boasts the same suede mesh uppers you know and love minus the heel to let in some extra air, and it’ll look just as handsome with baggy cargo shorts as it will the corduroy pants you’ll be wearing come fall. 

Plus 10 More Slip-Ons We Love

Layer 4

ROA Slip On Sneaker

Kinda swanky, like something you’d wear at a geo convention.

Layer 5

Oakley “Chop Saw” Sneakers

In perfect harmony.

Layer 6

Salomon RX Moc 3.0 Slip-On Sneaker

The mesh uppers will keep your feet cool for the next wave of sweltering heat.

Layer 7

Our Legacy “Strainer” Slip On Shoes

Guarantee people will be straining to get a better look.

Layer 8

Nike + Undercover “Moc Flow” Slip-On Sneakers

Just go with the (fashion) flow.

Layer 9

Loewe vulcanised sneakermule shoes

Thick soles all day, every day.

Layer 10

Adidas By Stella McCartney Court Slip-On Shoes

You know you’re good when you’ve got the Stella stamp of approval.

Layer 11

Nike ACG Watercat+ sneakers

A little huarache, a little sneaker, a lot of swerviness.


Stepney Workers Club “Lister” suede slip-on sneakers

London-based Stepney Worker’s Club proves that not all slip-ons need to hail from this side of the pond to harness the style’s timeless California cool.


Vans Vault UA OG LX classic slip-on sneakers

Vans aficionados know that a pair of slip-ons is never merely a pair of slip-ons. This version is a lot like the silhouette spotlighted above, but its beefed-up shape harkens back to the silhouette’s ’70s roots.

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