15 Best Fleshlight Sex Toys for Men

Glance at any sex toys list and you’re bound to see Fleshlights make an appearance or three. The best Fleshlights top a lot of those lists because the brand’s products—of which there are many—feel good, are high-quality, cater to both gay and straight men (or anyone with a penis), and use some impressive technology to elevate the once hidden-in-shadows category of sex toys for penises to new levels. And while there are now plenty of top-tier brands making equally impressive Fleshlight-esque male sex toys these days, there’s a reason the O.G. of DIY male orgasms continues to earn accolades (and our recommendation). The massive variety of different textures from the brand’s propriety Fleshlight sleeve (so many nubs and patterns) to the simulated effects—from deep throat to vaginal and anal sex—that create realistic feel make the brand’s

If you’re experiencing emotional or psychological hurdles as you start shopping for your first Fleshlight, we get it. The space has been stigmatized for too long. “Too many men carry unnecessary shame around the idea of buying a sex toy for themselves, believing it’s a sign that they can’t have as much real sex as they desire, or that they have to resort to spending money due to a relationship with masturbation that is furtive and secretive,” explains Destin Gerek, a certified sexologist and the founder of The Evolved Masculine. But there’s nothing to be ashamed of if it’s your first (or 15th) time buying a Fleshlight toy, a cock ring, a sex toy for couples, or any other sex toys for men. As Gerek says, buying a Fleshlight (or any sex toy) is “a sign that you take your sexuality seriously.” Amen!

Is a Fleshlight worth it?

Not to be blunt, but: yes. While your mileage may vary when it comes to any sex toy, if you enjoy masturbation and the feeling of sticking your dick into something (or think you would), the best Fleshlights should give your solo sex routine a boost. They might also make sense for more serious reasons, too—whether that’s medical-related conditions (we’ll get to those in a moment) or sexual dry spells. “They can provide a realistic sexual experience during times when you do not have a partner,” says Gerek.

Even if your hand can get the job done just fine, you may want to mix things up sometimes and explore different sensations. “A quality Fleshlight offers a close emulation of PIV—penis-in-vagina—penetrative sex through stimulation to the shaft and head of the penis,” says Indigo Stray Conger, a sex therapist and advisor for ThatSexQuiz. “The Fleshlight can also offer a similar sensation to anal sex or oral sex, especially if you purchase models created for these purposes.”

Beyond putting a new dish on the masturbation menu, a Fleshlight can also potentially help with sexual problems you might be experiencing, like “death grip syndrome” or premature ejaculation. “Certain patterns of masturbation, particularly manually or with rougher materials, can alter sensitivity over time,” Conger says. “A Fleshlight prevents this from happening, making sure there is no overstimulation or chafing to any part of the penis.” Of course, the best sex toys are no replacement for a doctor’s opinion, especially when it comes to a healthy orgasm.

What are the different Fleshlight types?

Fleshlight’s product lineup has been as much of a grower as a show-er in the last few years, adding new models frequently that work for male masturbation toy beginners and repeat customers alike. We don’t blame you for getting a little thrown by all the choices in your hunt for the best Fleshlight for you. It helps to start by knowing the categories that Fleshlight models fit into before you start shopping for your next sex toy:

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