13 Black Kitchen Cabinets That Will Give You Serious Design Inspiration

When black kitchen cabinets work, they really work. This eye-catching home decor move can reimagine the landscape of your kitchen and transform it into a dramatic, sophisticated space (even if you don’t do a full kitchen renovation). A kitchen with black cabinets fuses contemporary and classic elements, providing a versatile canvas for however else you decide to design your cooking quarters. Whether used to create striking contrasts with other hues or harmonious balances with complementary blacks and grays, black cabinets will instantly elevate your space. Ahead, we tapped interior design pros for intel on how these dark wonders can imbue your kitchen with a new ambience. Keep reading for our favorite black kitchen cabinet ideas and let the wheels start turning. (We’ve got you covered with 25 black countertop ideas too.)

Are black kitchen cabinets still in style?

Yes. “Black kitchen cabinets can add dramatic flair and sophistication to a kitchen design,” says Bob Thomas, a professional painter and interior decorator. “The dark hue gives cabinets a custom, built-in look that feels polished yet still warm and inviting,” he continues, noting he loves using black cabinets to create an upscale, elegant aesthetic in the kitchen.

What are the cons of having black cabinets?

Designing around black cabinet doors can be intimidating. Kasia Kronberger, founder and principal Designer at Studio Bosko based in Berlin, says the trick is to combine dark cabinetry with softer tones and textures, mixing points of reference and not holding on to minimalistic choices. Go big or go home, dear readers.

What about black-stained wood cabinets?

To make an impactful statement in your kitchen, this is a great route to consider. Kronberger shares that her firm is currently working on another black kitchen project, in which the cabinetry fronts are made of black-stained oak plywood. “The tactile texture of wood softens the black while keeping it a strong design choice. As more and more of our clients are keen on bringing nature into their interiors, we’ve been exploring wood staining as a sustainable vehicle for that inspiration,” she says. “It’s also an example proving that black has many shades and doesn’t have to be overwhelming or reserved ‘only for the brave.’”

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