13 Best Air Purifiers for Clean Breathing (2024)

What I would change: While effective, I would say the price point could go down to around $65–85 to accommodate the extra cost of replacing the filter.

The bottom line: I would recommend this air purifier—it’s sleek, fits well in any space, and has adjustments for low and high fan speeds. It works well for more closed off rooms so I would say it’s perfect for an apartment or closed off bedroom. Overall I would recommend this air purifier to first time users. Its functionality, aesthetics, and suitability for confined spaces makes it a good investment in improving indoor air quality.

Shark 3-in-1 Air Purifier, Heater & Fan with NanoSeal HEPA

Tester: Mel Studach, AD PRO editor

My space: While I love the charming architectural details of my prewar rental in New York, I don’t necessarily love the old gas range and dated ventilation that came with it. My biggest air quality concerns generally come to mind when I’m cooking, so I always keep a nearby window open.

Area coverage: Shark’s three-in-one unit is great for medium-to-large rooms, as it promises a purifying capacity of up to 500 square feet. I kept the system in my kitchen, which has an open floor plan that connects to the living room.

Filter replacements: The air purification system uses a Nanoseal HEPA filter with Microban, which costs $69.99 on Shark’s website to replace. The company recommends changing the filter every six months for best results, and doing so is super simple—just open the back of the base, snap the new piece in place, then reset the filter life on the remote by holding down the air icon for a few seconds.

My experience: Setting up the system took only a few minutes thanks to Shark’s straightforward directions that were strategically placed on the unit itself. The air purifier comes with a Nanoseal HEPA filter with Microban, which traps 99.98% of large, small, and micro-size particles. Should you be the type of person who gets great pleasure out of cleaning, you might also enjoy the unit’s Clean Sense IQ monitor, which measures particle sizes (of PM1, PM2.5, and PM10) in real time.

There are several features I found to be worthwhile with the air purifier. For starters, it’s so quiet you might even forget it’s in your space—a huge benefit for a room that has to serve multiple functions, from at-home office to entertaining hub. I also like that the system comes with a remote control, so I can adjust the settings or swap functions from anywhere in the room.

Overall the system’s intuitive design has been a breeze to use, and I’m happy with its performance in my home. I also appreciate that I now have a greater understanding of my space: The air purifier’s visual tracking of the air quality in the room allows me to be more aware of my surroundings, alleviating any concerns of airborne allergens.

What I would change: My only critique is a visual one: Because most of the walls in my apartment are white, I wish I would have gotten the white version so it would blend in with my space more. My mistake!

The bottom line: At $400, the unit is on the mid- to higher-range pricing, but I found it to be worth it for the added benefits (and convenient consolidation!) of a heater and fan.

Honeywell HPA204 HEPA Air Purifier for Large Rooms

Tester: Sydney Gore, senior digital design editor

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