12 Black-and-White Kitchens That Serve Up Timeless Glamour

The reason a black-and-white kitchen always looks so flawless is because of that infallible color palette. Though each hue can obviously stand alone (and is often done to great effect: We love black kitchens and we love white kitchens), when paired, that tried-and-true contrast makes for magical results in any home cookery. Much like peanut butter and jelly, black and white simply belong together. And because it’s such a classic combo, it’s also extremely versatile; black and white can be incorporated into classical kitchens, modern kitchens, and every style in between.

Are black-and-white kitchens in style?

Black-and-white kitchens are most definitely in style—and they’re never going out. “Black and white is the perfect color scheme for a busy kitchen,” says Helen Stiles of London interior design studio Hide & Seek. “Understated and timeless, it allows the cook and the cooking to take center stage. It’s easy to update the look with a few colorful casserole dishes or accessories when a change is needed.”

How do you make a black-and-white kitchen feel warm?

Black and white, especially when executed with sleek lines and sharp angles, can feel cool and contemporary. We love this vibe, though we’re also fans of a warm black-and-white kitchen, which can be achieved by adding in natural materials like wood and plaster. Curved edges, brass accents, and a variety of light fixtures can also increase the cozy factor. “Adding layers of intentional lighting and hardware really allow you to mold the design of your space into what you need,” Obermann explains.

What is the best accent color for a black-and-white kitchen?

There isn’t a color in the world that doesn’t go well with black and white, so bring in accents of your favorite hue with confidence. Splashes of green, blue, red, and yellow can all work in a black-and-white kitchen, and pairing black and white with neutral tones like beige and brown can help stoke that aforementioned warmth.

How do you tone down a black-and-white kitchen?

If you’re looking to soften the starkness of a black-and-white kitchen, consider altering the tones of black and white you’re using. Instead of jet black and bright white, opt for more mellow, muted versions, like charcoal and ivory. For an impressive example of this by Stiles, as well as our other favorite black-and-white kitchen design ideas, keep scrolling.

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