12 Best Treadmills For Every Type of Runner in 2023, From Affordable to Olympian-Worthy

This updated version of the 1750 is what you’d have if your best running partner was an inanimate object. The roomy 56-inch running surface is the standard for spaciousness, and it adjusts to a maximum speed of 12.4 mph—that’s a sub-5 mile. The small, tiltable touchscreen will let you virtually escape your dreary apartment for beachy runs in the tropics and rolling hills through the country. And if you’re streaming any on-demand iFit workouts from your 14-inch display, your speed and incline will automatically adjust to match the terrain and your instructor’s pace.

It’s a large treadmill, but can be folded up when not in use—a boon for people who don’t have an entire other room for their home gym equipment. The best part? It’s got powerful fans built in for Benz-level climate control. And the 10-year warranty for the frame, and two-year protection on parts, buys you ample buffer time to seek repairs for wear and tear.

The Best Budget Treadmill: ProForm Sport 5.5

ProForm offers a wide range of treadmill options that won’t destroy your savings account, and the 5.5 model is a well-reviewed, entry-level workhorse. With a price well under $1,000, it’s an incredibly approachable machine that has everything you need—10 mph top speed (AKA a six-minute mile), a 10% incline—plus Bluetooth connectivity and access to iFit classes. The 55-inch belt offers enough room to run comfortably, and the whole machine folds up to save space after you’re done crushing miles.

The Best Upgrade Treadmill for Serious Athletes: Woodway 4Front

Woodway is the runaway champion of the high-end market, with prices usually starting around $5,000. Studios like NYC’s Mile High Run Club, Equinox’s Precision Rub Lab, and Barry’s all have their own fleet. (So does the NFL, NBA, and NHL, plus the Olympics Training Center). McGee calls Woodways the Roll’s Royce of treadmills. They have “much more consistent rolling, so when you put your foot down, it doesn’t stick or slow the band down,” he says.

Chris Hudson, VP of curriculum at Barry’s, also touts the 4Front’s springy rubber shock-absorbing slats that make up the belt, which are “designed to mimic the feeling of running outdoors” and reduce impact on joints, muscles, and connective tissue. “They are more durable, resulting in less of a need for maintenance,” said Hudson.

The Woodway belt is said to last 150,000 miles—or 48,280 5K runs, if you’re a fan of the metric system. The 4Front has two additional modes: one that lets the belt spin freely like a manual treadmill so the user can power it themselves, and another that adds extra resistance. Custom options include a sleek 21-inch touchscreen display and more-powerful motors if you’re looking to train like Kipchoge.

When ultrarunner Mario Mendoza Jr. broke the 50K treadmill world record in January, maintaining an average pace of 5:45 minute miles for 31 miles, he used a 4Front. “It’s softer, and easier on your skeletal system—like trail running,” he says. Olympian Alexi Pappas also runs on a 4Front, which offers up to a 15% incline and can go up to 12.5 mph, faster than five minutes per mile. Pappas, however, upgraded hers so it could go even faster. “I can do anything on it,” she says.

The Best Treadmill with Built-In Workouts: Peloton Tread

In 2018 Peloton extended its world-conquering at-home spinning workouts to a treadmill with the Peloton Tread+. Though the Tread+ was recalled in 2021, the fitness giant followed up with a new Tread treadmill this year with a smaller 24” touchscreen that offers both live and on-demand classes for running, walking, HIIT, and other cardio and strength workouts. Unlike its predecessor, the Tread scales back on design a bit. It features a traditional belt instead of shock-absorbing rubber slats, and a lower platform that makes it easier to hop on and off the wheel. Post-recall, the new model has also integrated new safety features that includes a treadlock screen which requires you to plug in a four-digit passcode to wake up the Tread’s belt.

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