11 Best Sex Toys for Travel That You Can Pack in Your Carry-On in 2023

Danielle Bezalel, host of the podcast Sex Ed with DB, adds that when shopping for travel-friendly toys, you should ask yourself, “​​How discreet do you want to be with your toy? Are you okay with the TSA pre-check worker seeing your [vibrator] if they have to go through your bag, or does that idea horrify you?” A subtle-looking, non-representational toy might be your best bet if the thought of an airport worker holding up a big veiny dildo for everyone in line to see makes you break out in a cold sweat.

On that note, while sex toys are technically allowed through TSA, that excludes equipment that can be used as a bludgeon (such as bats and clubs), ruling out many kinky spanking implements and even some particularly heavy dildos—especially those made of firm materials like metal or glass.

Many toys these days are also quiet and waterproof, so they should fit the bill even if you plan on using them in a hotel-room bathtub or in a thin-walled Airbnb, but still Bezalel recommends thinking about where you want to use your toy (in bed, in a hot tub or pool, etc.) and how quiet you need it to be. Across the board, she advises reaching out for trustworthy brands who make “high quality sex toys with body-safe materials,” like silicone, ABS plastic, glass, and metal.

Lastly, it could be embarrassing—or even raise security concerns for TSA officers—if your vibrator starts buzzing in your bag, so you may want to look for toys that have a travel-lock function. When you engage this feature, it’ll prevent your toy from turning on accidentally, giving you some peace of mind while you travel.

Now that you’ve got a roadmap for what to look for, here are the best sex toys that are ready to rack up some frequent flier miles.

The Best Wand Vibrator for Travel: Tenga Iroha Rin+

Pepper mill? Nope, this cutesy vibrator from Tenga is actually a powerful vibrator. It’s one that Battle recommends for bathtime or pooltime play since it’s fully waterproof. Plus, the design is so ambiguous that you wouldn’t immediately identify it as a rumbly sex toy. “Case in point: I’ve had someone at TSA delightedly ask me what it was because she thought it was so cute,” Battle recalls. With its squishy tip and elongated shape, this vibe is also versatile enough to be used externally for stimulating any erogenous zones, or internally if you’re using it for vaginal stimulation.

Pros: Discreet-looking; versatile shape; comfortably squishy tip; four vibration speeds and two patterns; waterproof; anti-dust coating
Cons: No travel lock function; no storage bag

The Best Wearable Vibrator for Travel: We-Vibe Moxie+

Waterproof and barely audible, the Moxie+ is one of We-Vibe’s most popular sex toys. “This wearable panty vibrator is designed to slip into a pair of undies and can be controlled remotely through the We-Connect app on your smartphone (or on the provided separate remote control), making it great for couples play,” Bezalel says. Its adjustable fit also makes it perfect for every and all bodies, while 10 different modes keep the playtime fun and interesting.

Pros: Powerful vibrations; 10+ vibration modes; strong magnet; discreet; quiet; waterproof; comes with a storage bag
Cons: Connectivity strength is somewhat hit-or-miss; no travel lock function; can’t be used by anyone with a pacemaker or implanted heart defibrillator due to the internal magnet

The Best Finger Vibrator for Travel: Dame Fin

For travelers who want a petite and versatile vibrator, Battle recommends this one that’s small enough to avoid taking up precious room in your carry-on. “Because it’s worn on the fingers, it’s a fun vibe for all genders and can be used for stimulation all over the body,” she notes. You can incorporate it into external fingering, handjobs, masturbation, and even body massage.

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