11 Best Male Masturbators of 2024 To Give Your Hand a Break

What shoppers are saying: “I’ve used the Fleshlight a few times, both by myself and with my partner. It feels great, remarkably close to the real thing. It’s fun and it adds novelty to masturbation. The first time I tried it I half-expected to see my partner in bed with me as it felt so close to the real thing.” —a Babeland reviewer

The Best Open-Design Masturbator: Fun Factory Manta

Over the years, Fun Factory’s Manta has topped numerous best-of lists from the best toys for oral sex and the best toys for couples. “[It’s] designed to be great for solo play and partnered sex,” Rebecca Alvarez Story, founder of wellness brand Bloomi, previously told us. The toy hugs the shaft and vibrates, and you can maximize its potential by having your partner pair it with a blowjob. The open design of this toy makes cleanup a whole lot easier and also allows you to combine the Manta’s vibrations with blowjobs or handjobs for even more mind-blowing sensations.

What shoppers are saying: “This is my SO’s favorite toy! He doesn’t really like using toys together but it’s his go-to if I am away. The vibrations are strong, it’s easy to clean, and the shape is unique and great for stimulating different parts of the shaft and balls. The vibrations are really great and rumbly, and I have even stolen this to use a few times myself when my other toys weren’t charged.” —a Good Vibes reviewer

The Best Self-Stroking Masturbator: The Handy

This toy is basically a handjob machine: it controls an included stroker and allows you to adjust the tightness of its grip, as well as the speed and length of its strokes. Beginners will absolutely love this thing—the powerful motor can reach turbo speeds of up to 600 (!) strokes per minute, which is faster than you could ever manage, even after shotgunning a Red Bull.

What shoppers are saying: “Really cool device at an excellent price that still feels high-quality. The sync features, both Bluetooth and wireless, make it stand out. I still feel the good ol’ classic hand is superior but Handy offers a nice decoupled experience. For the price I think it’s a must-have gadget.” —a Handy reviewer

The Best High-Tech Masturbator: Lelo F1S V2

Luxury sex toy brand Lelo specializes in high-end technological marvels that can get you off, and the F1S V2 is a prime example. It’s a vibrating stroker equipped with a flexible internal sleeve, two motors to provide intense vibration, customizable programs, and a slew of sensors that (in combination with Lelo’s app) can measure and record stats on your thrust speed and sexual stamina. The value of quantified thrusting is debatable, but the data’s kinda fun to see. You can manually use the stroker or let it do all the work, and my partner is absolutely chuffed about how great this thing feels.

What shoppers are saying: “This is an absolutely amazing device. The F1S V2 is literally the best sex toy I have ever purchased. Everything works as it should. The app gives you total control over the two motors and once you work out how to use it, one can receive the maximum pleasure to suit the moment. Connecting to iPad or iPhone is immediate.” —a Lelo reviewer

The Best Waterproof Masturbator: Cobra Libre II

Opinions differ across the internet about what this vibrating toy most resembles. A futuristic race car, maybe? Or a vacuum cleaner? But the Cobra Libre’s purpose is much less confusing: It directs powerful, satisfying vibrations onto the head of your penis—i.e. its most sensitive area. The result is a real “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it” orgasm-driving experience, according to users and reviewers. Of course, that means it’s not an insertable toy like the others here, and won’t touch anything south of the head. But that means you can potentially pair it with a toy like the open-ended Fleshlight Quickshot (or maybe an anal toy?) for potential ejaculation overload. It’s even waterproof, so you can take it into the tub for some solo play.

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