10 Rules for a Better Beard

There’s a lot of backwards thinking regarding how to grow a better beard. Better does not (always) mean bigger and fuller. Better means living up to your beard’s potential. You can only really grow what you’re capable of growing. That sounds trite, but it’s important to stay realistic about what your best own best beard is going to look like.

The good news is that there’s so much potential, no matter how full or patchy your beard may be. So stay the course, embrace whatever it is you’re working with, and do what’s in your power to help maximize your handsome.

1. Get a multitasking trimmer

One of the best ways to unlock that aforementioned potential is with a beard trimmer that minds the details—it goes well beyond having 20 different trimming guard lengths. Find a device that can help you achieve any beard style or shape with its attachments. For example, interchangeable heads, one for micro shaving to disappear unwanted patches of hair, or another that spot-trims hairs and allows for precision detailing. Similarly, get a device with T-blade head that draws clean lines and gives professional-grade perimeter cleanups. Even the more expensive options cost shy of $100 and will last years on end, and multiple hours on each full charge.


Philips Norelco multitasking beard trimmer

2. Prioritize nourishment at every step

Make sure to be fueling your beard every day with nourishing creams, balms, or oils, as well as cleansers that promise to flush excess oil and grime without dehydrating. The length of your beard will determine the products you need; most stubbly or short beards will benefit as much from a facial moisturizer as anything else. But once things start growing out, a beard oil at a minimum will help prevent things like itching, skin flaking, end-splitting and so forth. They can also help coat strands to prevent poofing on humid days, and beard oils can give you slight control over the hairs until it’s time to introduce a taming balm.

Honor Initiative

Honor Initiative unscented beard balm

3. Take multivitamins (or eat more vegetables)

A healthy diet (and perhaps smart supplementation) benefit every bodily structure—not just skin and hair. So at the very least, consider taking a multivitamin that packs all the necessary daily nutrients, and your beard hairs will all benefit in some way, perhaps by growing slightly thicker or faster or stronger.

4. Get a beard brush

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