10 Bookish Jigsaw Puzzles For All Your Audiobook Reading Time

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Since my earliest memories, I have loved doing jigsaw puzzles. Now as an adult, working on a jigsaw puzzle has joined activities like building Legos, doing Pilates, playing Nintendo Switch, and watching TV in the “things I do to de-stress” category. But of all those activities, the only two that I can do while also listening to an audiobook are working on a jigsaw puzzle and Legos — and anything that I can do while also reading a book (especially when I’m super absorbed by one) wins out most days. 

Thankfully, the world is filled with tons of great jigsaw puzzles and tons of amazing audiobooks. Do I naturally gravitate toward bookish jigsaw puzzles? Of course! And there are a lot — from settings in bookstores to ones inspired by actual classic books. I even sometimes add a jigsaw puzzle to my purchase when shopping at an indie bookstore (I bought Camilla d’Errico’s Hydie: A Pop Manga Jigsaw Puzzle from Harriett’s Bookshop) or at Barnes & Noble (Book Nerd 1,000-Piece Puzzle). If your fingers are itching to put together a jigsaw puzzle and your heart is always delighted by bookish things, here’s a list that includes mini puzzles and 500 pieces and 1,000 pieces. Bonus: there’s even a ghost, mermaids, and a unicorn!

Want to look at even more bookish jigsaw puzzle designs? Of course you do: The Ultimate Guide To Book Puzzles To Do and To Give This Winter and New Book Puzzles for Cozy Winter Enjoyment (Yes, we are dying in the summer heat but winter is right around the corner).

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