10 Best Mattresses on Amazon 2023: Prime Sleep Is Just Two Days Away

Prime shoppers tend to prefer deals and low-priced products, so to find the best mattresses on Amazon, you have to look beyond the usual ratings and reviews. As if narrowing down your mattress options wasn’t complicated enough. How many mattress brands can you name off the top of your head? There’s—deep breath—Ashley, Avocado, Awara, Bear, Big Fig, Birch, Beautyrest, Casper, Dreamcloud, GhostBed, Helix, Leesa, Nectar, Purple, Saatva, Sealy, Sleep Number, Tempur-Pedic, Tuft & Needle, WinkBeds, and Zinus. And no, we didn’t make up any of those brands—they all, for one reason or another—exist.

The point is there are just too many mattress companies. From traditional players like Tempur-Pedic and Sealy to bed-in-a-box brands like Purple and Nectar, you have a plethora of options. When you need a new mattress, you generally have two choices: Go to a brick-and-mortar store and lie on dozens of mattresses until you find the perfect fit, or brave the world of DTC online mattress shopping having tried nothing. Now, there’s a third way, and you’re either going to love it or hate it.

Yes, we’re talking about Amazon. The inescapable, ubiquitous, it’s-probably-listening-as-we-speak retailer. (“And is this Alexa in the room with us right now?”) Some Americans despise Amazon on principle, and to others, it’s one of the most reliable and trustworthy institutions left standing in the U.S. of A. But if you want to simplify the mattress shopping process as much as possible, then you can’t disregard Amazon.

The Best Mattresses on Amazon, at a Glance

We recently included our favorite mattresses in the GQ Sleep Awards 2023, and now we’re expanding our lineup of GQ-approved mattresses with a focus on the best mattresses on Amazon.

  • The Best Mattress on Amazon for Most People: DreamCloud Premier Luxury Hybrid Mattress, $1,099
  • The Next-Best Hybrid Mattress: Nectar Hybrid Mattress, $799
  • The Best Plush Mattress on Amazon: Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, $372
  • The Best Value Mattress on Amazon: Casper Sleep Element Mattress, $595
  • The Most Supportive Mattress: Casper Sleep Wave Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, $2,461
  • The Best Cooling Mattress: Leesa Original Hybrid Mattress, $1,299
  • The Best Firm Mattress on Amazon: Tuft & Needle Kin Memory Foam Mattress, $671
  • The Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers: Sapira Hybrid Mattress, $1,699

Why Buy Your Mattress on Amazon?

Some of the best mattresses ever tested by GQ editors are available via Amazon, and Prime members can even access exclusive mattress deals. You still get the benefits of fast shipping and free returns (and that’s usually on top of the mattress brand’s sleep trial and warranty). While some mattress brands save their sales for holidays like Labor Day and Black Friday, Amazon always has some discounts. You can also read in-depth customer reviews, giving you some insight into how well the mattress lives up to its promises.

What To Look for in Your New Mattress

Let’s forget about which mattress brand is best for a moment and start with the basics. You can choose between memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses (a combination of foam and spring layers), eco-friendly mattresses, and traditional innerspring mattresses. Yes, water beds still exist, and no, we’re not including them here.

The type of mattress you choose comes down to your personal preferences. Memory foam is a versatile material, and it can provide a good combination of softness and support; and because it doesn’t transmit motion, it’s a popular choice for couples. Meanwhile, gel and latex mattresses are the most breathable on hot nights. Innerspring mattresses are not only cheaper, but as many Reddit users have noticed, they provide much better support for your sex life compared to memory foam. Finally, hybrid mattresses offer a combination of these factors, usually at a higher price.

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