10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas That Will Make Any Space Shine

Every modern bathroom can benefit from an eye-catching mirror that will serve as the focal point of the space; and if you’re looking for stylish bathroom mirror ideas, you’re in the right place. We’ve got no shortage of recommendations for finding something just right for your next makeover or remodel, no matter what you’re looking for. Not only can a mirror create the illusion of more square footage and make a small space feel larger, but it can also enhance a bathroom’s design, playing off the existing light fixtures, backsplash, or faucet materials.

For Cathie Hong—the principal designer at Cathie Hong Interiors, based in Northern California—bathrooms and powder rooms are some of her favorite spaces in the home to decorate. “We especially love the effect [mirrors] have when we’ve tiled or wallpapered all the walls in the bathroom, as the reflection of the repeated materials creates more depth.” Below, we’ve tapped Hong and several other designers for their tips and decor ideas, from minimal oval mirrors to antique vanity mirrors that will heighten the charm of your bathroom sanctuary.

What should you keep in mind when shopping for bathroom mirrors?

Mirrors can serve as both a practical and decorative element in the bathroom. Knowing this, Ginger Curtis—the CEO and founder of AD PRO Directory firm Urbanology Designs in Dallas, Texas—says that selecting the right one “should be guided by a balance of aesthetics, functionality, and a commitment to enhancing the overall design of the space.”

Ultimately, Curtis recommends thinking about which mirrors will align with your taste, bathroom decor, and budget, but will also suit the bathroom’s size and layout. Ideally, your mirror should be a size that doesn’t overpower the proportions of your space. “Subtlety often speaks volumes in design,” she adds.

From there, Curtis says materials are just as important, since that glam antique brass mirror you’re eyeing might not be primed to weather the realities of your steamy bathroom post-shower. She suggests opting for a mirror that is easy to clean and capable of withstanding the humidity and wear and tear that is common in bathrooms. “Prioritize practicality and think about features like fog resistance, adjustable angles, or built-in lighting, if they meet your needs,” she explains.

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